Why Your Customers Want You to Optimize Your Field Service Scheduling

Posted by Adriana Olaya-Pineda

Thu, Oct 23, 2014

image source: Dmitry Mordolff

Gone are the days when customers were satisfied by technicians boasting purely technical skills. The modern consumer wants much more.  While technical skills continue to be the vital aspect in this ever competitive market, the “service” aspect of service technicians is becoming increasingly important in setting apart businesses and satisfying customers.  Here are 3 things your company can easily do to foster even happier customers:


1.Get Your Technician Quick Answers

On occasion, a field service technician will encounter a problem they are unsure of how to solve or a situation where they don’t know what to do. Wasting customers’ time can lead to a great deal of frustration, and even a loss of their business, and coming back at a later date ties up resources and is more expensive for the company, as well as a hassle for customers. This is where mobile apps for field service mobility, such as those available from ClickSoftware’s Mobile app store can come in. The Field Collaboration Wall App allows field workers to connect to each other with ease in order to quickly ask or answer technical questions and get advice from experts in the back office. The ClickButler Services App does justice to its name, aiding field technicians on what the next step is, automatically detecting when to perform actions and what to do when each event occurs.

2. Be Punctual and Efficient 

There is no greater annoyance to customers than having to wait hours for the right service technician with the right skills to finally be in the right place.  Field service optimization simplifies the dispatcher and field technicians’ jobs. This schedule optimization software automatically creates the best schedule possible while accommodating unexpected events, even suggesting changes while maintaining optimal service levels. Field technicians should not be wasting time driving to jobs all over town, instead, schedule optimization software that GIS technology to track and optimize routes, as well as find the closest technician with the necessary skills for each appointment.

3. Keep Customers in the Loop

Mobile workforce management can do more than just streamline communication between field technicians and the dispatcher, the customer is able to participate in the dialogue as well. Among the myriad of apps in the Click Mobile App store, are apps that customers can download that will notify them of approximately when their service technician will arrive (no more whole day appointment windows) and any delay or unexpected event the technician might encounter, such as heavy traffic, that could impede a punctual arrival. 

The market is getting more and more competitive and standing apart is imperative. These are just a few examples of how to increase customer satisfaction through field service scheduling applications and mobile service software. Check our service solution pages to see what else Euclides Technologies can offer!


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