On Demand Dispatch Software Solution

Posted by Steve Lawrence

Thu, May 31, 2012

The phrase "on demand" can be interpreted in many different ways depending on your particular situation and environment. The fast food industry has built its business around having your order ready within moments of when you place it. In the automotive industry, on demand allows manufacturers to keep minimal stock on hand and their suppliers replenish the stock on an as-needed basis.

For the field service industry, on demand is a relatively new concept. Not many field service businesses realize the benefits of an on demand dispatch software solution. There are real advantages with on demand dispatch that can greatly benefit field service companies of all types and all sizes.

Part of the advantage of an on demand system can be illustrated with the automotive assembly line. Through sophisticated technology, the suppliers are notified in advance of parts that are needed for that day. The suppliers provide the parts directly to the assembly line without having to go through all of the time and costs involved with a stock room at the manufacturer. This has saved the auto industry millions and millions of dollars.

On demand dispatch software solutions work in a very similar fashion. The Euclides Technologies Field Service Mobile Application can plan ahead and anticipate needs so that resources are delivered where they are needed and when they are needed.

Advanced scheduling allows the Euclides Tech system to review and optimize the next day events, and prioritize them accordingly. The system will also automatically assign resources to those tasks based around their skill, availability, and distance to the work site. By doing this, your field resources do not have to report to the main office - instead they can log in and go directly to their first assignment.

The Euclides Tech system also reviews workload and can notify if additional resources will be needed on a given day. With this you can plan ahead and bring in contract resources if needed, or reshuffle the schedule to leverage existing resources.

Dispatchers have the ability to monitor work progress and react quickly if an issue occurs that is taking longer than planned or an emergency arises. Through this, resources can be reallocated through the Euclides Tech automatic recommendations or through dispatcher override.

On demand dispatch has a real benefit to field service businesses because of the time and money that can be saved through optimizing your existing resources. Instead of your resources "sitting on the shelf" they are actively working and improving your business productivity and customer satisfaction.

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