Scheduling Optimization Software: Saving Trees and Time

Posted by Adriana Olaya-Pineda

Wed, Nov 05, 2014



Image source: daveynin

When thinking of a typical dispatcher’s office, the image of a stressed employee surrounded by endless Post It’s and a perpetual sea of paper comes to mind. Dispatchers must juggle the service needs of customers, staff skills and availabilities, and their organization’s service objectives. Often, environmental concerns are the last thing on their minds, important as they are.  Scheduling optimization software can help!

1. Eliminating Excessive Paper Use

The use of paper, and the felling of trees in order to acquire paper, is a major factor contributing to global climate change. The machinery used to cut down and transport the trees, as well as transport the paper once it’s made, burns carbon fuel and increases carbon emissions. Since trees are natural absorbers of carbon, the fewer trees there are, the more carbon is in the atmosphere.  With field service optimization software, dispatchers can eliminate the excessive use of paper lists of scheduling rules and employee profiles and the waste of notes when schedules continually need to be updated. Gone are the days of Post It’s and endless papers. Instead, employee scheduling software allows everything to be in one, paperless, place, streamlining the service scheduling process. 

2. Increasing Efficiency

Scheduling optimization software does just that: it optimizes. Scheduling options could be endless, however they are not all created equally. Through intelligent dispatch software, dispatchers can input business factors and policies and the scheduling optimization software subsequently creates the most efficient schedule. Additionally,  shift scheduling software, can allow dispatchers to create scheduling rules and employee profiles, automatically applying them to schedules and ensuring that all field service workers, resources and appointments are optimally matched.  Thus creating the best and most efficient schedule possible.

3.Adjusting in Real-Time

As we all know, not everything always goes as planned: staff may be sick or absent or field service workers may encounter severe weather or heavy traffic. Real time monitoring through mobile devices allows dispatchers to be aware of such issues, and quickly decide what the best next step should be. Field service optimization software, such as Click Software, can provide powerful decision making tools when any unexpected bumps do arise. Further, the scheduling optimization software can continually update, creating newly optimized schedules as new information arrives, automatically determining the best person to be where, and when. 

Dispatching can be an extremely taxing job, both on the dispatcher and the earth. With scheduling optimization, it doesn’t have to be! Check out ClickSoftware, especially ClickSchedule, to see even more ways field service optimization can help you!