How will my field service benefit from going mobile? [VIDEO]

Posted by Jessica Aceto

Fri, Aug 22, 2014


Can you imagine ramping up the productivity of your workers by 9 hours each week? What effect would that have on the profitability of your company? And no, this isn’t a crazy fantasy - these are the kinds of results you could achieve by going mobile with your field service.

A recent study by CIO magazine found that workers using mobile devices increase productivity by at least 9 hours per week. Mobile solutions allow workers to get real-time updates on their schedules, see traffic in their area and obtain product information. Using a tablet, for example, a worker can demo a service to a customer.

Mobile workforce management allows utility companies to automate their scheduling and offer faster, more effective customer service. Using mobile field service software like Clickmobile, by ClickSoftware, is one way companies can go mobile and achieve dramatic results.

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