Fixing the Biggest Problem With Enterprise Asset Management

Posted by Jessica Aceto

Thu, Jun 25, 2015

Asset-intensive organizations face a myriad of daily operational challenges. And although it’s true that every industry has its own special headaches, frustrations, and performance limitations, those whose primary functions involve field service management face obstacles unlike almost any other.



While most field service dilemmas concern cost, dispatch, and work order control, they all primarily stem from the biggest problem of all: optimizing resource management to improve performance.

Many asset-intensive organizations lack current technology-based solutions that can address this issue. Operating with out-of-date systems that do little to overcome the problems created by siloed information causes capital and operating expenditures to steadily increase and customer service to suffer. 

Developing a Comprehensive Strategy

Modern EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) systems solve the problems inherent in field service management by unifying operations into a single database repository that can be accessed through multiple user interfaces. With specialized software that encompasses a variety of tasks, extends their capabilities, and includes value-added functionality, EAM systems are designed to integrate all of your operations into one, comprehensive field service management tool.

Task functions include (but are not limited to):

  • Integration and management of all types of work orders, from corrective and preventative maintenance to contract jobs that involve enhancements and asset upgrades.
  • Designated, automated workflows that simply scheduling and improve visibility.
  • Financial and accounting capabilities that effortlessly assigns data according to work apportionment.
  • Human Resource, materials, and tool allocation automatically assigned per work order.
  • Advanced reporting and analysis with an emphasis on dedicated KPIs.

Leveraging the Tools

The features (software) included in a comprehensive EAM system, automatically organize your asset and resource data to achieve maximum performance. Intuitive, active dashboards allow real-time access with simplified interaction, so that your scheduling capabilities are enhanced and your field service management costs are reduced. EAM systems also offer benefits such as:

  • Whole life asset and risk management strategies designed to lengthen asset lifecycles.
  • MDM tools that permit hierarchy-based access from a variety of devices.
  • Fixed task work order creation triggered through pre-set criteria, such as equipment maintenance guidelines or outlined business processes.     

Fixing the biggest problem with field service management is actually very simple. Your asset-intensive organization can effectively manage all resources and maximize asset longevity and performance by implementing a customizable EAM system. With intelligent, automated solutions, your company can begin realizing significant cost reductions, heightened productivity, and improved customer service almost immediately.

To learn more about the additional advantages of field service management software, download our “Scheduling Optimization in Your Asset-Intensive Service Organization" White Paper today.  

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