Can you achieve field service KPIs without software? [VIDEO]

Posted by Jessica Aceto

Thu, Oct 30, 2014



Although advanced software has been around for years, some organizations have still not embraced these tools. 

Hello there, and welcome to the Euclides blog. When businesses do not utilize every tool available to them to improve performances, the chances of reaching optimal outcomes will quickly fade. This is certainly true in utilities, where organizations must balance between field service work and advanced, modern company-owned assets. 

Field service KPIs are usually focused on optimizing operational management and oversight, streamlining regulatory compliance activities and strengthening the efficiency of scheduling through automatic tools. It's safe to say that in 2014, it's nearly impossible to have these types of goals without service software in place. 

Additionally, visibility of mobile field workers in real-time helps the organization keep communication lines open from office to field. 

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