Can Green Energy and Field Service Optimization Save the World?

Posted by Kelly Goldman

Wed, Oct 29, 2014



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Global Warming has been on the rise and temperatures are increasing at the fastest rate ever recorded!  According to a study by the Natural Resource Defense Council  many scientists believe that if significant changes are not made, the average U.S. temperature will increase anywhere from 3 to 9 degrees by the end of this century.  The environmental movement is a scientific, social, and political movement to address such environmental issue and has been on the rise. It is imperative that we find cleaner and greener sources of energy, such as solar power, to decrease the harmful effects of other energy sources, such as the burning of coal, gas, and fossil fuels.  Less carbon emissions means the Earth will be a happier planet! 

How can field service optimization help? 

Field service software solutions can increase the efficiency and usage of these types of energy solutions. The technology and resources to accomplish this are available, and solar power is an industry on the rise!  According to IBISWorld in their “Solar Power in the US: Market Research Report”, the average annual growth rate of the industry over the past 5 years is 70%! The world has access to unlimited amounts of sunlight; so why not use it?  As the solar power industry is growing, more and more companies are becoming involved in the different aspects of the industry such as manufacturing, retailers, and installation and upkeep of the solar panels.  Field service optimization can positively impact these companies and increase their efficiency to lower their costs.  These companies that jump onto the service optimization bandwagon can produce and install more solar panels for a lower cost. This allows for more green energy to be utilized and thus, less carbon emissions that are harmful to our environment. 

Why is field service optimization the solution?

Workforce management software, including schedule optimization software, and mobile workforce management are some of the key components of field service optimization.  When a company is able to manage their workforce in the most precise manner, they can increase efficiency, customer satisfaction, and sales.  The scheduling and planning software offers automatic scheduling of work orders in the most efficient and optimized way possible by sorting through an unlimited amount of scheduling options, and choosing the best one. When the schedule becomes optimized the correct field technician is sent to the correct job site and is equipped with the correct materials.  When the correct technician is working on the correct job, that task is being optimized.  That technician is qualified to complete that task and is able to do so.  Schedule optimization also includes using GPS technology for street level routing to factor in driving times and optimize the schedule according to the locations of all the technicians for the company.  When an emergency comes up the workforce management solution and scheduling optimization software are able to rework the schedule so that the company is able to handle the emergency situation in the most efficient way possible.  The mobile workforce management allows the technicians to see their schedule, destination and task to be completed, and anything else that the dispatchers feel would be important for this technician. 

When all of these components are working together the company becomes far more efficient, completes more jobs and tasks in the same amount of time, with the same amount of technicians.  When green energy companies utilize these services they will become efficient as well, allowing they can complete more jobs, install more solar panels, and increase the number of people using solar energy.  In doing so, they will help the environment and support the fight against global warming.


Can green energy and field service optimization team up to save the world?  Green energy is a key focus for the environmental movement because it is much cleaner and better for the environment than burning coal, gas, and fossil fuels.  All the companies involved in creating green energy are working to stop this environmental issue we know as global warming.  However, these companies can’t achieve this on their own.  Field service solutions will allow these companies to continue to operate on the on a more efficient schedule.

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