The future of FSM is mobile [VIDEO]

Posted by Jessica Aceto

Tue, May 27, 2014

Field service management is the backbone of businesses that deliver remote services, especially when it comes to managing, installing and repairing systems or equipment for clients.

Not only do technicians need to be in constant communication with dispatchers, they also need a fast, convenient way to see updated schedules so they can meet customers on time and provide the best customer service. Managing complicated schedules and various technicians in the field isn't easy though, so many companies turn to enterprise software for help.

Technology has now made it easier to optimize workforce management processes, scheduling and dispatching with the rise of software like the ClickSoftware mobile app store, which allows business’ to purchase and customize mobile apps to fit their needs.

As the digital age continues expanding, mobile strategies will be key to FSM business growth and success.

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