5 Steps to Improve Cost vs Benefit of Workforce Management Software

Posted by Jessica Aceto

Wed, Mar 12, 2014

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Optimizing your workforce management through effective, enterprise-specific software will ensure you the most effective service scheduling possible. Your workforce management software will work for you 24/7, providing the real-time support you need to reach the highest level of efficiency.

Your enterprise achieves its best possible performance when your workforce assets are deployed and continually engaged at full productivity. Here are 5 steps you can take to improve the cost vs benefit of your service workforce.

1. Optimize service scheduling to reduce expensive overtime.

By using workforce management software, time management specialists can optimize staffing by creating schedules that most closely fulfill requirements. Addressing customer needs with flexibility is essential. Intelligent appointment scheduling software  can help you maintain your schedule, handle unexpected events, and balance and swiftly realign priorities.

You can facilitate field service scheduling decisions that will further the interests of both your customer and your organization.  Resource scheduling systems with optimization capability consider multiple strategic and operational constraints in the workforce scheduling optimization process. Using proven resource scheduling software ensures the best mapping of resource skill set to task for field service optimization.

2. Reduce the idle time of field service personnel.

Mobile workforce scheduling software can be accessed through a web interface. A wide range of personnel, including dispatchers and field supervisors, can remotely set and change scheduling solutions through an array of mobile devices. With continuous scheduling solutions and requirements accessible by all parties concerned, employee downtime is easily reduced, maximizing workforce productivity.

3. Improve customer service.

Customer interaction management solutions enable you to increase revenue without growing your headcount. Scheduling solutions are not a complete answer. Consider the cases where customers forget about their appointments. Implementing an appointment booking process reduces the costs of failed appointments. Increased customer satisfaction amid a decrease in missed appointments is a win win situation.

4. Improve regulatory compliance.

Workforce management software provides further benefits by improving compliance, and enhances your enterprise’s reputation with improved performance reports. In industries such as energy and water utilities, ClickSoftware solutions have enabled a quicker response to service requests while increasing regulatory compliance and reducing asset maintenance overhead.


5. Utilize Workforce Management Software to provide a common set of performance-based tools.

The starting point is a clear definition of the work required. Service scheduling reflective of these requirements provides an optimal solution for around the clock performance. With a full view of operational systems’ data, decision makers gain insights into the performance of their departments and have the enhanced information needed to proactively manage them.

With easily accessed reports, users can create, view and print field support logistics and track service indicators, including travel, workload utilization and in-jeopardy management areas. This information can be integrated with operational systems’ and external data sources for enterprise wide business intelligence. 

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