5 Ways Field Service Software can Boost Your Response Time

Posted by Jessica Aceto

Wed, Mar 26, 2014

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Customer satisfaction determines the success or failure of any service organization.  Field service companies are judged by their customers based upon timely and efficient response to their needs. Those companies that measure up are rewarded through improved customer retention and higher profits.

Field service optimization requires more than the timely dispatch of personnel.  Here are 6 suggestions as to how to enhance your field service team response.

1. Intelligent Automation

Field service optimization begins with an analysis of your manual operational processes, especially those you use for scheduling and dispatching personnel.  Where can you automate? Should you use field service routing software? You want to quickly get the right people to the job best matching their skills. They’ll need the information and resources to do that job quickly but well. 

2. Create Orders With Complete Information

An optimal response to your customers’ needs begins by capturing full and correct customer information the first time — ensure your service call center’s capable of generating orders that have complete information. You should be able to define and capture customer data to a useful level of granularity. 

3. Integrate scheduling 

Integrated scheduling draws upon enterprise wide data that helps optimize your field service response. Field service routing software and robust appointment scheduling software maximize efficiency while providing better customer service. This software should support you in managing unexpected events without jeopardizing ongoing service.

4. Assign The Right People

You want the person with the best skill dispatched to the job.  So does your customer. Good resource scheduling software optimizes technician scheduling, ensuring that staff with the right skill set and the right tools are assigned to your customer’s job.

5. Utilize sophisticated mobility enabled software 

Mobility software, field service routing software and mobile devices are now the heart of efficient field service. They’re crucial to technician scheduling, dispatch, communications and information support. 

Over time, this information will boost your field service teams’ response by helping reduce the overhead of legacy system or paper based field service management. It will provide you and your team with easily accessible, accurate data and will ultimately leave your customers more than satisfied with your service.


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