Managing The Pricey Service Enterprise Workforce: 3 Tips For The CFO

Posted by Jessica Aceto

Mon, Mar 17, 2014

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With advanced mid-market field service solutions, managing operations, harvesting data and utilizing a deeper level of insight to develop ideas and decisions is easier to achieve than you might think. Here are 3 tips for CFOs that aim to simplify financial management while improving your company’s bottom line.

1. Automate & Integrate

Get operations working at peak performance.  This is going to require having the correct mid-market service solutions in place to automate responsibilities and provide total visibility into production, inventory, equipment utilization and departmental productivity levels.

2. Analyze Big Data & Generate Reports

Once the necessary mid-market field service solutions are in place, integrated and combing daily activity for data, you’ll need to process the robust information collected to delineate successful from unsuccessful assets.

3. Adjust Assets Accordingly

Now it’s time to make decisions based on these reports.

  • Identify trends in production and workflow that will allow you and your company to phase out, replace, recalibrate or provide additional training for your assets and attain higher performance levels.
  • Monitor employee progress.
  • Improve forecasting with fact-based trend assessment.
  • Refine your company’s inventory process through heightened visibility into what parts are required and when.

The key to greater success depends upon the mid-market field service management software you have in place, the data that these solutions are able to collect and your ability to interpret this data.


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