3 Ways to Simplify Enterprise Intelligence Analysis

Posted by Oren Cohen

Wed, Feb 26, 2014

enterprise mobilityIt's not enough to just collect data. In order to get the true value of enterprise intelligence, you need to understand that data and act on it at exactly the right time. That will give you the biggest impact on performance.

Doing that really is possible for any business, but only if you have the right knowledge and tools - like software for mobile workforce automation.

When you use enterprise intelligence for your company, it elevates the improvement of performance. That occurs first at the individual and departmental levels, but it soon expands to the entire organization. Here are three ways you can simplify the analysis of your enterprise intelligence data, to make that data work for you and your company in the best way possible.

1. Focus on Field Service Optimization

Optimizing your workforce through the use of enterprise mobility options is an excellent way to ensure everything gets done efficiently and effectively. A mobile workforce that's automated is one that can input data quickly and move on to the next customer, job site, or other necessary event.

With that in mind, the use of enterprise work management can help with the overall enterprise intelligence of a company by providing a steady and efficient stream of data for analysis. That allows for changes to be made as necessary, and avoids long delays between data collection and analysis. CTOVision's Bob Gourley emphasizes the value of mobile workforce automation with the intelligence community, and that can be extrapolated to provide value for every type of organization.

2. Know What You Want to Collect

If you're going to really simplify your enterprise intelligence analysis, you must narrow down the data you bring into your company. So many businesses focus on getting as much information as possible from customers, but a lot of that data just sits. If it isn't being used, it's simply taking up storage space you could use for something else.

Part of good mobile workforce optimization is to collect only the data you need. That also helps to avoid delays in analyzing that data, so you can use what you learn to improve your company and your relationships with customers and vendors. Enterprise work management is a skill that has to be learned, and the more time spent learning it in the beginning means better data collection methods over time.

3. Remember the Necessity of Change

Change is so vital to an organization, and it's something that can't be overlooked. According to Joshua Millsapps of GovLoop, enterprise intelligence is a key part of organizational transformation. Without proper enterprise work management and enterprise intelligence techniques, the change that needs to take place in an organization will often be stunted or misdirected.

Both of those problems can be disastrous, but they can also be avoided with proper mobile workforce automation and a clear understanding of the best way to analyze the collected data. Change is inevitable, but it can be used to help you grow and expand your business, instead of causing difficulties. While enterprise mobility and field service optimization aren't the only important aspects of handling change, they can make a significant difference in how a company responds to shifts in its industry.

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