7 KPIs You Should Track Using Workforce Management Software

Posted by Erez Glinansky

Wed, Jan 22, 2014

KPI field service management softwareWorkforce management softwares can effortlessly track and analyze key performance indicators that can dramatically improve the productivity of your enterprise.

You can expediently determine overall labor effectiveness with automated tracking and analysis of certain interdependencies. These may include availability, quality and performance. Tracking automation can be facilitated using dispatch scheduling softwares, as well as field workforce management softwares.

KPIs and metrics

Managers in the know realize that their workforce can be the engine that drives their company to the next level of performance. Making labor decisions to improve the overall effectiveness of the workforce is easier than ever before because multiple workforce factors are easy to both track and analyze.

When you know the percentage of time employees spend making effective contributions, and can measure performance and quality, it’s easy to understand how your business strategies and policies are affecting the bottom line. Understanding both cause and effect gives managers the information necessary to optimize field workforce management.

Field service industry metrics that matter

Effective indicator analysis provides important insight into what's happening, and enables you to understand essential causal relations. Your new knowledge will enable you to address the root causes of issues and remediate them before they balloon into major catastrophes. You can analyze a problem at high or very detailed levels. 

Tracking KPIs using workforce management software will help to improve customer service and to optimize operational performance, ultimately improving your business’ bottom line. Here are five important factors you can track:

1. Number of work requests per day

2. Amount billed by job types

3. Emergency overrides

4. Cancelations

5. Travel time indicators

6. Turnaround time

7. Geographic indicators

Effective field workforce management using dispatch scheduling softwares or other workforce management softwares with a systems that allow you to monitor your KPIs, will help you increase your efficiency and improve your profit. Optimizing your field service operations will ensure effective enterprise mobility, thanks to data at your fingertips.

Image Credit: Tsahi Levent-Levi

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