Optimizing Maintenance Scheduling Software in the Oil and Gas Sector

Posted by Oren Cohen

Tue, Jan 28, 2014

oil industry field service managementDowntime is expensive in any industry, but especially in the oil and gas sector, so companies do whatever they can to minimize unplanned downtime and operational interruptions.

One of the best, most effective ways to minimize unplanned downtime is to use maintenance scheduling software to ensure that you service your equipment at recommended intervals.

Preventive maintenance

Regular preventive maintenance is the key to the longevity and reliability of your crucial equipment, so you should have a method to ensure that you perform PMs at the recommended intervals. The easiest way to do that is to use maintenance scheduling software that schedules maintenance on an elapsed time or operating hour basis for every piece of equipment.

You may also want to monitor calibration schedules for tooling or quality equipment, which is another task that maintenance scheduling software can automate for you.

By optimizing the maintenance schedule of your service assets, you will maximize equipment utilization and reduce costs, while minimizing the risk of a break down during critical operational periods. Planning for preventive maintenance allows you to work it into the schedule at the best possible time, such as between shifts or during major product changeovers.

MRO inventory

You want to have critical spare parts on hand to minimize downtime when it occurs, but you don’t want to invest large sums in spare parts that may remain sitting in stock for long periods. Working withfield service optimization solutions helps you to understand the usage patterns of critical spares and disposables so that you invest your inventory budget wisely.

When breakdowns do occur, having the right spares in stock can minimize the interruption so your maintenance team can resolve the issue without waiting for delivery from the manufacturer.

Compliance and certification

Oil and gas companies are required to comply with regulations from government safety bureaus such as OSHA, union regulations, and country and regional specific regulations designed to protect the environment. Maintenance scheduling software helps ensure that you remain in compliance with the requirements for either planned or unplanned work.

Having records showing that you have a maintenance policy in place and that you follow it rigorously can help to reduce or eliminate concerns from these regulatory bodies and can simplify audits or inspections. Reducing the time spent on audits can increase productive time and helps to keep costs low.

In addition, in the event of a problem like a spill or leakage, the existence of the records may help to prove that your company is not to blame for the issue.

Enterprise mobility solutions

If you have operations at a field or on a rig in remote locations, it may not be easy to transport a skilled technician there quickly in the event of an issue. While preventive maintenance scheduling software will help prevent issues, downtime may happen anyway. You can use enterprise mobilitysolutions to provide remote access to equipment schematics, assembly drawings and work instructions that may enable on-site personnel to resolve the issue quickly.

Oil and gas is an asset intensive industry, and equipment utilization is one of the keys to profitability. Maintenance scheduling software can improve profitability by reducing downtime and keeping equipment running smoothly.

Image Credit: Paul Lowry

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