5 Trend-Setting Features of Effective Maintenance Scheduling Software

Posted by Ross Carman

Mon, Feb 03, 2014

maintenance scheduling softwareIt’s important to schedule maintenance before equipment breaks down to reduce costs and eliminate excessive down time if you have to wait for scarce parts or resources to become available. In the search for ways to make the process more effective, there have been major advances in maintenance scheduling software that help you to reach that objective.

1. Dashboard Alerts and KPIs

One way to ensure that your equipment operates at peak performance is to monitor it continuously or to use key performance indicators and metrics to monitor it. If equipment needs service after a certain number of hours or days of operation, you can have your maintenance scheduling software notify you as the time nears, enabling you to plan an orderly shutdown and a PM at the optimum time.

You may also monitor throughput, which may slow down as equipment nears the point where it needs service. Quality metrics are sometimes an indicator that the time has come for service. Whichever indicator you use to measure the service interval, your field service optimization software can present the status to you in a dashboard or send an alert to your email or phone so that you can schedule the maintenance order.

2. Cloud-based Solutions

Many companies have chosen to forego the hassle and expense of in-house software and IT departments in favor of cloud-based solutions. Not so long ago the cloud was only for music, photos and social media posts, but today maintenance scheduling software is readily available as a cloud application.

Cloud solutions offer the advantages of high reliability, easy scalability and predictable costs, which simplifies budgeting.

3. Enterprise mobility

Enterprise mobility solutions have simplified assigning or dispatching technicians to jobs on the fly. Not only will the field service optimization software determine the most suitable technician for a high priority job, it sends the job details directly to the tech’s mobile device. Addresses, model numbers, driving directions, even schematics and parts lists, can be easily accessed using enterprise mobilitysolutions.

In addition, enterprise mobility improves the efficiency of recording parts and labor, which increases accuracy, can contribute to corporate social responsibility and revenue.

4. Proactive Schedule

Maintenance scheduling software automatically creates reminders or even maintenance work orders on a periodic basis to ensure compliance with maintenance and calibration schedules. Rather than wait until equipment breaks down, proactive scheduling helps improve uptime and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). As a result, operations run more smoothly and costs are lower.

5. Future Capabilities

Imagine your equipment contacting your supplier’s maintenance scheduling software, which performs some field service optimization calculations. The field service optimization software uses an enterprise mobility solution to notify the technician of the job details, to perform maintenance even before the equipment breaks down. 

 Image Credits: SuperFantastic