10 Perks of An Automated Shift Roster

Posted by Oren Cohen

Wed, Jan 08, 2014

field service managementScheduling optimization has an immediate impact on your bottom line. A multitude of industries from software to energy to wireless services are schedule oriented and require excellent planning to meet product deadlines.

The book, The Mythical Man Month, has been a classic industry standard since IBM recommended it as suggested reading more than 30 years ago. One key insight it provided was that adding human resources to a delayed project will delay it even further.

This happens because adding people also increases the complexity and hence the degree of communication difficulties. This contributes to poor planning on the part of management, which snowballs into blown deadlines and customer dissatisfaction. Roster automation can help preclude such problems and enhance project and field workforce management. Comprehensive planning covering business requirements and realistically representing both human and other business resources are essential to keeping projects on track:

1. Friendly Interface

A friendly interface will enable you to quickly generate a schedule that fits both constraints and requirements. It will be easy to update and view data in complete detail.

2. Ease of Visibility

Ease of visibility of all work and work types in a centralized system enables you to create and maintain effective schedules, while dispatch scheduling softwares can create easily viewed and comprehensive dispatch reports.

3. Easy navigation

Easy navigation of automated shift roster details provides you with an employee view from a project based perspective.

4. Automated Schedule

Automated schedule planning and generation can produce schedules for you based on your predetermined criteria, while producing high quality and reliable roster reports. Automation means having the ability to consistently and quickly schedule work according to company service policies

    5) Better Workforce Planning

    Workforce planning can better fit business goals with automation. Implementing a dispatch scheduling software will help you realize workforce planning in the form of a clear and effective dispatch guidance.

    6) Avoid Regulatory Violations

    Automation also enables you to avoid expensive regulatory violations related to projects and staffing, augmented by the ability to accurately schedule days or weeks into the future.

    7) Service Optimization

    Service related industries need optimized service schedules based on their business rules. Optimization and accuracy will prevent horror stories and exchange them for happy clients.

    8) Timely Problem Resolution

    Monitoring and controlling of issues that challenge daily operations are easy to effect and can bring swift resolution to problem areas.

    9) Create Appointments With Ease

    Resource availability is built into automated scheduling enabling you to create appointments with dependencies that don’t collide with each other.

    10) Mobile Integration

    Integration with mobile communication makes schedule viewing and update business functions that can be practiced anywhere and anytime.

    Automated shift rosters integrated with dispatch scheduling softwares can provide field workforce management personnel with the valuable resources needed in supporting service oriented business. Operations such as service scheduling will not only provide accurate data and support excellent planning, they will also benefit field service optimization. Field workforce management can easily organize and schedule field service personnel and related resources well into the future.

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