Tis the Season: 4 Ways Santa Can Benefit From Service Dispatch Software

Posted by David Alazraki

Mon, Dec 23, 2013

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Tis’ the season for giving and no one does it quite like that jolly ole St. Nicholas! Equipped with his eight reindeer, a sleigh full of goodies and enough holiday spirit to soar, he symbolizes the nostalgia of Christmas past, present and future for millions of adults and children alike.  

How one elf manages to deliver all those gifts in just a single night is nothing short of a Christmas miracle and it had us pondering – what would Santa’s job be like if he had help from enterprise solutions like service dispatch software?

1. Wish List Management

If Santa used dispatch scheduling software, he could better manage elf toy production through advanced communication and workforce visibility. When he received wish list letters form children, dispatch scheduling software would help him to better delegate each wish to the right elf.

2. Naughty & Nice List Creation

Service dispatch software would help Santa to draft the naughty and nice list by keeping track of every child’s behavior history. Dispatch software would also provide Santa with a complete history of what each child had asked for in the past so he doesn’t accidentally give the same gift twice, unless of course, it’s wished for!

3. Operation Christmas Management

To make Christmas Eve possible, we can’t forget about the ever so assiduous toy building elves! They work hard all year, crafting the hopes and dreams of America’s youth and helping to prepare Santa for his global voyage. But what if the elves had reinforcement from enterprise solutions like dispatch scheduling software and a centralized command hub like that offered by mobile workforce management software?

  • Elves could better manage toy production with detailed information about each worker’s skill set.

  • Elves would have a simpler method for monitoring inventory and keeping inventory up-to-date.

  • Elves could receive real time data through integrated dispatch software regarding Santa’s whereabouts as he delivered toys.

Enterprise solutions like mobile workforce management software and dispatch scheduling software would automate many of the North Pole’s administrative responsibilities so the elves could spend more time celebrating a job well done!

4. Automated Routing

Wouldn’t Santa love fine tuned, automated routing assistance? Dispatch scheduling software would automatically plan his routes according to the naughty and nice list and Rudolf could finally get that holiday time off with routing/rerouting support that uses GPS tracking to plan around traffic (like that caused by poor weather conditions). Even Santa could relax a little, knowing that his dispatch scheduling software was making sure he didn’t get lost or accidentally visit the same house twice!

5. Wish Trend Tracking

Dispatch scheduling software would also create detailed reports so Santa and the elves could see which toys are trending in order to better prepare for high toy demand. Santa would be able to monitor productivity levels among his elves to ensure that everyone is working hard to make Christmas Eve a success.

If Santa used enterprise solutions like dispatch scheduling software to plan his holiday production and routing, he’d take a lot of pressure off himself and his team of elves! Gifts would be delivered faster, wish list data and production details would be easily tracked and there would be less risk for mistakes to guarantee that Christmas Eve is as magical as ever!



Image Credit: Loodogs

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