Averting Scarcity and Waste: Enterprise Mobility Software in the Water Sector

Posted by Avigail Shabtai

Fri, Dec 13, 2013

water utility asset managementAsset management has been effective in infrastructure management and has helped to reduce operations expenditures. EPA defines assets in water and wastewater systems as components of a facility with an independent physical identity and function. Examples are pump, motor, sedimentation tank and main. Renewal and replacement of these assets are an ongoing support for our national water infrastructure.

Goals of water and wastewater management include prolonging asset life, reduction in repair costs, efficient  maintenance focusing on sustainability, setting service rates that will support necessary function, budgeting to suit critical needs, meeting regulatory requirements, proper emergency response preparation, meeting security and safety requirements and minimizing operating costs.

Water Utility Asset Management

Asset management helps to maintain a desired level of service for what you want your assets to provide at the lowest cost throughout their life cycle. Asset management is a framework being widely adopted as a means to achieve sustainable infrastructure. Through its practice, capital assets are managed to minimize the total cost of ownership and operation while delivering desired service levels. A well designed asset management program includes detailed inventories, operation and maintenance tasks, and long-range financial planning to support widespread systems sustainability.

Each utility is responsible for ensuring that its system stays in excellent condition, regardless of age, availability of parts or funding. Asset management systems that provide comprehensive and accurate data are critical to highly functional asset management.

Asset management is a scalable for systems of any size. Whether you are running a small drinking water system with 50 customers or the drinking water in New York City, asset management supports the kind of long term planning that will support successful operations.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions for Water Utilities 

ClickSoftware for Water Utilities provides dispatch scheduling software and enterprise mobility solutions. Advantages of this software include facilitating responses, and planning and optimization of water utility operations. These include

  • Enabling fast response to service issues

  • Increased regulatory compliance

  • Facilitation of advanced planning, enabling workload optimization

  • Optimization of automated scheduling covering customer service, and outages of both transmission and distribution

Mobile field apps provide real time visibility to customers and regulators alike, enabling easy viewing of assets being restored and those scheduled next. This is acheived with dispatch scheduling software. The result is efficient workforce management in all water utility tasks, from meter reading to waste water treatment.

ClickSoftware - Anglian Water Case Study

Anglian Water implemented ClickSoftware with a certain amount of customized development. To Anglian Water, ClickSoftware is more than a tactical scheduling tool. It also offers superior business planning capability. As David Cooke of Anglian says, “Using the ClickSoftware Suite we can drill down into information that will allow us to prepare a case to justify the maintenance activity, asset investments and operating costs needed to run the business in the next five year regulatory cycle”.

The structure and manual systems employed by Anglian Water for this purpose were inefficient and prone to error. As a solution, Anglian Water prioritized an improvement in service quality and efficiency. A centralization of operations management was proposed. ClickSoftware qualified for the project by producing impressive dispatch scheduling software solutions from Anglian Water’s real data. 

Implementation of the entire suite of ClickSoftware’s solutions has produced successful results. ClickSoftware currently supports Anglian Water’s key operational processes providing maintenance support for the organization’s water and wastewater infrastructure. Anglian Water utilizes the full suite of ClickSchedule’s capabilities, including automation, optimization and real-time updates on field resource availability. SAP HR feeds calendar availability, sickness and training information into ClickSchedule. SAP Asset Lifecycle Management and SAP Mobile Asset for Utilities are all part of the integrated solution.

Anglian Water has reduced costs associated with administration and experienced an 11% reduction in overtime with the help of these enterprise mobility solutions.

Image Credit: World Bank Photo Collection

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