How could a field service management software optimize your Thanksgiving?

Posted by Jessica Aceto

Fri, Nov 22, 2013


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The holiday season is upon us, which means many things. Usually theres's a lot of food, family, and a good amount of travel. The last part of that, travel, can sometimes be the least exciting part about the holidays, particularly ThanksGiving. Well, we thought wouldn't it be nice if you could use a field service management scheduling software to help you better plan your Thanksgiving schedules? 

We know what you're thinking, this is a bit of a stretch. But bere with us. We think you'll see how this could work for your crazy family holiday scheduling, and better yet how field service scheduling can work for your actual workforce.

Workforce Management Schedule

You're Crazy Family Holiday Schedule

360 degree visibility of all work and work types in a centralized system
360 view of all family/friends schedules, so you know who is lost, late, or stuck in traffic
Optimized scheduling based on business rules and objectives including skills
Optimized sheduling based on cooking skills; ie. who can cook that spectacular bread pudding and who should stick to the salad...
Real-time data communication with the field using mobile devices, in case of emergency taks
 Real-time communication from your kids, parents, brothers and sisters, (also in case of emergency)
Accurately schedule work days and/or weeks in the future
 Accurately schedule for the next holiday, whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Years

Wouldn't it be nice if your Thanksgiving scheduling could run seamlessly? If one thing is true, small hiccups in scheduling are okay for the holiday season, but aren't too satisfactory when it comes to your workforce management scheduling.  You need the ability to see, understand and react to your field technicians whenever and wherever. This will ultimately guide your company in the direction of higher productivity for field service technicians, allowing time for more tasks completed in a day and more revenue generated over time.

So, what does this comparison tell us?

An optimized schedule would be ideal for your holiday season, but sometimes the fact that things go unplanned and a little out of sync are exactly what makes the holidays special. Just make sure the same unplanned and out of sync hiccups that happen during your holiday scheduling aren't happening when it comes to scheduling your field service.


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