Shouldn't your Workforce Management Software ensure a lunch break?

Posted by Erez Glinansky

Fri, Nov 15, 2013


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Lunch breaks. The time of the day we all look forward to during the work week. For many of us who work the 9am-5pm, these breaks are leisurely and easy to take every mid to late afternoon. For field service technicians however, these breaks can sometimes go overlooked by busy servicing schedules and emergencies on the job.

By deploying flexible lunch breaks, organizations can provide their Dispatchers and Engineers with the ability to control planned lunch breaks as well. The benefit is huge: from improved compliance with work regulations and a more accurate schedule, to accurate monitoring of actual lunch break time for management.

ClickSchedule, a part of ClickSoftware's workforce management software suite, allows for 3 out of the box solutions to this problem.

Lunch break visibility

Lunch breaks now have a visible indication on the Scheduling Gantt as hashed bars, providing dispatchers with a clear view of the engineer's lunch break time and duration. A default lunch break is automatically created for all engineers, according to system configuration.

Rescheduling a break

A planned lunch break can be rescheduled for a selected engineer in the current day. As a result, the engineer’s schedule is updated accordingly.

Including a break in a task

A lunch break can be included in a task, in case it is planned for the engineer to take a break during the task execution. As a result, the assignment duration is extended by the duration of the lunch break.


In order for field service technicians to have a better work-life balance with not only lunch breaks but a general break from their busy schedule, there needs to be rules set in place. It leaves the life of management with less worries and the life of the field service technician with a better balance on the job.


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