Mobility Insights: A Look into ClickMobile Touch Localization

Posted by Keith Doherty

Wed, Nov 13, 2013

Mobile technology needs to be adaptable, especially when it comes to field service companies with their workforce in multiple countries, speaking multiple languages. We're all used to our mobile phone allowing us to select a language for day-to-day activities, but what about when it comes to a mobile workforce? What exactly does it take to customize these languages for field service workers around the world?

We wanted to give you some insight on this topic. Here's a look into what it takes to localize a mobile solution.

ClickMobile Touch is the new version of ClickMobile that runs as a web application rather than an application that you would install. When a company has resources that are all over the world and speak many different languages, ClickMobile needs to be localized.

Here's an example of ClickMobile in English:

 ClickMobile Touch, ClickSoftware

But for field resources in Italy or China, the client being displayed in English probably isn’t too helpful. Here is how the same page looks in Italian:

 ClickMobile Touch, ClickSoftware

Chinese (Mandarin):

 ClickMobile Touch, ClickSoftware

The process of localization requires a few steps:

  1. We developed a tool to extract all of the information displayed on the form.

  2. We needed to also display that form in an excel file where we would have the English label for each property on the form.

  3. Then, we added the translated property in the next column.The finished outcome is below.

 ClickMobile Touch, ClickSoftware

Before the translations are put in, we first send them to the client for approval. The client can decide whatever translation they would like to put in, depending on where their mobile field service workers are and what language they speak. After getting the approved translations back, we then use another tool to apply the translations for each individual language.

The field resources are assigned a localized setting depending on what country they are in, so when they log in to ClickMobile, they will see it in their preferred language.


 About the author: Keith is a Technical Consultant at Euclides Technologies Inc. who works on development of custom add ins for ClickSoftware products, documentation, configuration and also travels on site for workshops with clients.


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