Top User-Friendly Mobility Gadgets for Workforce Management Software

Posted by Avigail Shabtai

Fri, Nov 01, 2013

field service mobility gadgetsThe field service industry is a fast paced environment that requires every component working flawlessly together to drive business at a competitive pace. This fact is especially true for service technician fleets that out on the road every day.

The open road can pose a million different dilemmas for your employees that could slow them down and keep them form performing at their best. Here are some user-friendly, field-tested mobility gadgets, sure to keep your fleets moving in the right direction.

Tablets & Notebooks

Applications allow for complete integration between tablets and workforce management software. Where once, commands and information retrieval was restricted to in-office participation, virtually any task from management to technician can now be completed via mobile tablets. Large buttons and mobile friendly navigation makes for an extremely user-friendly experience.

Top performing brands include the Toughpad JT-B1 by Android, which pairs field tested durability with a competitive price and a 4.0 operating system. For more power and enhanced GPS integration, check out the Xplore Rugged Tablet PCs. These tablets were designed to work alongside workforce management software to create an easy and productive bridge between the office and remote employees.


GPS devices and applications like that offered by Google are excellent tools for service industry fleets to utilize. GPS integrates with workforce management software to provide excellent geo-support features like:

  • All functions of Google Maps

  • Indoor mapping

  • Location sharing and managing

  • Realtime location insight for optimal technician coordination

  • Incorporated Custom POI data (like cell tower locations or power stations).

With proper setup and utilization, pairing GPS with your workforce management software can reduce company overhead by saving on travel and mileage, while also providing the fastest routes for technicians to get to their assignments. A more streamlined mobile operation will free up time to take on a higher volume of requests. The biggest challenge in field service managment is time, and time is money.


With the help of field service-friendly applications, technicians can enhance their networking and information gathering via their mobile phones. High-quality smartphone cameras can send visual information back to headquarters for additional assistance and data that is critical to the field service lifecycle can be communicated in real time, any time from any location.

Like the tablets, smartphones have also evolved to withstand the sometimes-harsh working environments of the field service employee. Rugged smartphones offer field-tested durability on top of superb functionality.

Mobile Payment Devices

Mobile payment tools are gadgets that work great with workforce management software. They help to make customer service and post-job paperwork easier than ever. Many feature a small card reader that plugs directly into your field service smartphone or tablet to offer realtime, on-site payment processing. Others store customer credit card information within a secure online database. The most popular mobile payment gadgets include:

  • Square

  • PayPal Here

  • Intuit GoPayment

  • LevelUp

  • NCR Silver

There are many different, simple-to-use mobility gadgets to choose from and each will help to streamline your business’s mobile process and ultimately save you time and money.

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