Top 5 Results of an Optimized Mobile Workforce

Posted by Keith Doherty

Wed, Aug 28, 2013

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It has quickly become a mobile world and field service industries must enable their on-the-go employees with access to information in order to keep up. To truly understand the positive effects of an optimized mobile workforce, it’s important to first consider each phase of the field service job lifecycle.  

Step 1: Customer Call

Step 2: Dispatch 

Step 3: Travel to Site

Step 4: Fulfill Order/Repair

Step 5: Manage Inventory

Step 6: Close Work Order

Step 7: Report Time/Bill Job

A large amount of information drives this lifecycle, which means a lot of things can go wrong without proper mobile workforce software in place to help manage. Furthermore, many of the phases of this lifecycle occur while your employee is on the road. Bolster efficiency, smooth the process and watch as your business achieves these key benefits by optimizing your mobile workforce.

1. Automation

Consider the amount of data and detail that creates the framework for your business. Automation is the glue that will hold those pieces together against the winds of change. Whether you have 10 employees or 100, you need to be able to schedule, reschedule and communicate quickly, all the while knowing who to send where for on-site service requests. If you’re going about these tasks manually – you’re working harder than necessary, spending more time than required and increasing the odds for human error. By automating these operations with the right mobile workforce software daily tasks become a cinch and information is updated in real-time.   

2. Enhanced Communication & Visibility

When you’ve got a fleet of vehicles on the road responding to volumes of customer support calls, your workers must be able to access the company schedule, client repair histories, inventories, maps and other resources that enable them to do their jobs efficiently. By optimizing mobile workforces with mobile workforce software, your team is connected to critical information 24/7 from any location. Conversely, they are also connected to the backend tasks that your business requires, like tracking time, closing job orders and billing jobs. 

3. Superior Customer Service Performance

It’s no secret. The smoother your business runs on the inside, the smoother it will appear on the outside and this creates a positive customer experience. Using mobile workforce software to optimize your process means:

  • You’re able to meet immediate scheduling requests or changes and communicate those modifications to your team as soon as they happen.

  • Your business will have flexibility to better work with customer demands.

  • Pairing the right team member with the job based on location, skill level and resources will be an easier task.

  • More opportunity to up-sell by providing employees with access to customer information.

Superior customer service creates a more personalized experience and builds loyalty. Moreover, a happy customer will undoubtedly share their positive experience with industry friends, generating word-of-mouth and referral business.  

4. Reduced Overhead 

Time is money. With the right mobile workforce software to help optimize your process, the job lifecycle will require less of your time and by default, will directly influence overhead cost. This also permits businesses to allocate saved time and effort to other areas of the business, like sales and marketing. 

5. Competitive Edge

Running a successful business boils down to three basic goals:

1. Increased revenue

2. Decreased overhead 

3. Increased customer satisfaction 

By using mobile workforce software to optimize the lifecycle of your field service company, you’re more likely to accomplish these goals and stay ahead of competition. Optimizing your mobile workforce will cut the time and effort spent on operations, which leaves room to take on more customers and leads to an increase in revenue. With less effort spent on the operations, overhead costs will decrease and your team can spend extra time with the customer. Lastly, by running a smooth operation, you’ll provide customers with a positive experience worth sharing with others. 

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