Field Service Optimization Matters: The Value of Faster Response Time

Posted by Erez Glinansky

Wed, Aug 14, 2013

field service optimization manThe pace of the world is reaching an unprecedented speed as mobile devices and limitless Internet access break time and place barriers. There is no longer a lag between when something happens and when we find out about it. Instead, the sharing of information is seamless and businesses are driving harder than ever to keep up. From a competitive standpoint, if your field response time is lagging, there’s a good chance you could get run over. With the right field service management software, your company can keep up and help set the pace instead of falling victim to it. Here’s why your management software and field response time matters.

Customer-Controlled Climate

We are currently living in a consumer-driven environment and with endless information just a click or a finger tap away, consumers are more aware of their marketplace than ever before. They know what they want and they have the power to change their minds if quality of service is sub par. A reputation for poor response to phone calls, emails and service appointments and your customer is likely to pick a new provider as quick as they can click a computer mouse.

Real-Time Standard

Today, all things happen in real-time. From news, television and music to social discussions, networking and virtually every other form of human interaction. Business is no exception to the rule. This real-time sharing and receiving of information has become more than a trend, it’s a standard. If you don’t have the proper field service management software to boost efficiency, speed your field response time and simulate the real-time feel that customers have grown to expect, they’ll likely lose patience and move on to a provider that can better meet their needs. 

Maintain Competitive Edge

When all the bells and whistles are removed and only the nuts and bolts of your business remain, one of the key distinguishing factors between you and your competitor is your customer service reputation. Nothing will turn a consumers nose up faster than a response time that stinks. This includes:

  • Replying to emails in a timely manner

  • Returning phone calls as soon as possible

  • Finding the answers to questions quickly

  • Responding to service requests fast

When your field response time meets or exceeds the customer’s expectation, it shows that your business cares about the customer’s needs and caring is a quality that customers will grow to trust.

Word-of-Mouth and Referral Business

This is the era of information sharing and what better information to share than a positive experience. Providing excellent customer service through fast response time isn’t just about keeping customers happy and fostering loyalty, it’s about generating new business as well. People talk and when they do, you’ll want them telling their industry friends about the quality and speed of your service.

Fast Field Response Time Boosts the Bottom Line

At the heart of every service industry business there exists three basic goals:

1. Increase Revenue

2. Decrease Overhead

3. Provide superior customer service

By increasing your field response time, you’ll be able to fit a higher volume of jobs into the workday, yielding an increase in revenue. By using the right field service management software to increase efficiency, you’ll spend less time and effort on tasks and you’ll see a decrease in overhead costs that slower and less organized business bare. Finally, by exceeding the customer’s expectations and quickening the pace, you’ll create the kind of relationship with your customer that cannot be influenced by competitors and you’ll likely generate new business, too! 

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