4 Ways to Increase Customer Satisfaction With Cloud Collaboration

Posted by Michael Runshe

Wed, Sep 18, 2013

cloud computing workforce management mobilityHow can you take your customer satisfaction to a higher level?  Leveraging cloud collaboration in concert with your service scheduling software can get your customer satisfaction on the right track.

While service scheduling software is a good investment overall, there are limitations if the system is not cloud based.  There is limited accessibility and the timeliness of information can be challenging.  This can lead to lower customer satisfaction scores.

Instead, consider enabling your service scheduling software with cloud collaboration. Here are several key benefits that will directly impact customer satisfaction scores:

1. Emergency requests 

The service industry is filled with the need to respond to urgent requests.  Cloud collaboration will allow your dispatchers to quickly communicate with field technicians, review location and job status, and route to the customer as quickly as possible.

2. Support resources

Behind the scenes of every service business there are numerous support people.  Some of these persons are critical such as administration, human resources, and managers.  With cloud collaboration there is a reduced need to have any resources directed toward hardware and software support.  Instead your team can refocus their energy towards customer service.

3. Immediate feedback 

You can receive almost instantaneous feedback through cloud collaboration in your service scheduling software.  This allows you to respond promptly to issues and react quicker to market changes.  A faster response will improve customer perception and prevent any growing issues from getting too big to handle.

4. Become personalized 

Your field service personnel can provide more personalized attention to customers through cloud collaboration software.  Instead of just becoming another work order in the queue, the service tech can use service scheduling software to establish a better rapport with the customer and recognize particular needs as well as follow up on prior requests to make sure everything is handled properly.

Information at a glance – no matter where your service techs are, they can pull up information through cloud collaboration and get the most current data in order to make the best decisions.  They can check inventory, look at prior customer history, read updates to work orders and much more.  This quick information will help your service techs to be more efficient and improve their customer service through service scheduling software.

Today’s work environment is highly competitive and businesses need an advantage in order to stay ahead.  With cloud collaboration solutions you can improve customer satisfaction while also reducing overall costs relating to fuel consumption, jobs completed per day, and much more.  To get to the next level of customer satisfaction you should consider a cloud collaboration tool for your service scheduling software. 

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