Field Service Management for Enterprise: Using Big Data to Make Intelligent Decisions

Posted by Michael Runshe

Tue, Jul 23, 2013

Cloud Collaboration Workforce Management softwareIt can be difficult to fathom how big data would help a local field service business. Telco’s, utility services, plumbing, HVAC and others can actually benefit greatly from the use of big data in their operations and in making business decisions.

Big data is a system that can analyze massive amounts of information to arrive at various conclusions. On the surface big data can seem very intimidating. Imagine pouring through literally millions of sales transactions to look for trends or correlations. Thankfully there are tools that can take tons of transactions and make sense if it all for business managers and owners.

By using big data from field service management software, you can make more informed business decisions based on facts versus speculation. The following are some ways big data can help your field service business:

Create reports that focus on your business goals 

Having a daily sales report is nice, but business managers often need to know much more. How many jobs were completed this month compared to the same month last year? How many technicians were actively working yesterday and how many are scheduled to work in the next 60 days? Are there enough to complete scheduled jobs and handle emergencies?

Improve time-to-answer for key business issues

You notice a trend that business on the south side of town is slowing down. How do you react? With big data and your field service management software you can get vital information quickly so you can make informed decisions. You can isolate what job types are dropping and look at competitors in the area to determine if you are losing business to another company.

Helps your organizational structure 

Do you need more dispatchers? How is your current customer service rep performance compared to industry standards? Should you use a territory-based deployment for service techs or should they be allowed to do service calls everywhere? Big data can help you to track hidden costs and resource efficiency to improve your organization structure.

Big data used with a dependable field service management software solution can yield some interesting results for your business. Work with a knowledgeable field service management software partner that can design the reports and analysis based on your specific company needs. Then review the reports on an annual basis to determine if the business has changed and requires new or different types of analysis. With businesses today it is important to stay nimble and utilize big data to stay ahead of the game.

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