5 Things to Consider For Your Workforce Management Software Strategy

Posted by Keith Doherty

Wed, Sep 11, 2013

workforce management enterprise manManaging a workforce inside one building is challenging enough.  When your personnel are distributed across multiple locations and areas, managing productivity and addressing issues grows exponentially.

Workforce management software can help tremendously to improve productivity, quality, and customer service for businesses that have a mobile workforce.

The strategy behind workforce management software is built around your unique and specific business rules. Consider the following items when developing a mobile workforce management strategy:

1. Align with your business goals 

You may specialize in superior customer service, or expediency, or high quality products and services.  In any case your workforce management strategy should be tailored towards achieving your business goals.

2. Continuously improve 

Workforce management software is not a “one and done” implementation. Instead you should see it as a continuous improvement process that should be revisited and tuned based around business changes. For example, if you are expanding your service areas what impact will that have on timeliness or on operating expenses? Your software management strategy should evolve and change as your business does.

3. Stay flexible with hardware 

Just as you should evaluate your fleet vehicles and have the ability to change as needed, you should also have management software that can utilize various devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. 

4. Reports should drive results 

be sure to establish a key performance metric reporting process that will push your workforce to achieve your business goals. If you wish to specialize in on-time service, make sure you have at least one report that monitors jobs started on time and jobs completed on time.

5. Enforce adoption 

Inevitably in every business there are one or two people who are set in their ways and are resistant to using new management tools. Make sure everyone in your workforce understands the importance of using the new software and create incentives to utilize (or penalties if not used). This could be as simple as tracking all job activities on a management dashboard and post the results for everyone to see.

Your workforce management software investment can greatly improve your business operations in many ways. Be sure your strategy for implementation and use gives you a successful advantage.

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