Top 8 Reasons the Cloud is the Present and the Future for Field Service

Posted by Oren Cohen

Tue, May 21, 2013

cloud computing for field service managementIs your service-based business stuck in a rut? It may be time to consider upgrading to a sophisticated, cloud-based field service management software. Choosing to work with a platform that is specifically designed to simplify the processes of service scheduling, dispatch, customer care, and paperwork can significantly reduce the amount of time, money, and stress that is being consumed by your current procedures. Not convinced? Here's a look at 8 ways that the right field service management software can improve field efficiency, simplify administrative processes, and keep your customers happy.

1. Organized Dispatch

When an emergency service call comes in, how do you know who to send, and what their ETA will be? If your service manager or admins are simply relying on memory or sticky notes to keep track of field technicians, you're bound to run into trouble. With a cloud-based management system, it's easy to see where all technicians are presently located, what their schedule looks like, and what their capabilities are. This enables users to quickly identify the most capable field employee, his proximity to the call, and an estimated timeframe for service.

2. Appointment Automation

Give your customers a little bit of power. By allowing clients to schedule service online, you can reduce call traffic and satisfy those customers who just don't like to talk on the phone. A reliable field service management software can integrate service requests into your scheduling database based upon technician availability and skill, as well as company rules. As a bonus, automated reminders ensure that your customers won't forget about their appointments, minimizing downtime in the field.

3. Simplistic Scheduling

In the service business, scheduling can change at the drop of the hat. Are your admins currently required to scramble to make phone calls or send out e-mails to inform field technicians of the adjustments? Field management software solutions allow for real-time updates that can be shared between the office and the field so that everyone's on the same page. 

4. Work Order Management

Collecting work orders and manually entering the data for archiving and billing purposes is both time-consuming and aggravating. Stop dealing with crumpled up or missing paperwork and allow a field service management software to make things simpler for everyone. Electronic work orders can easily be completed by technicians and automatically submitted to "home-base" where it will be permanently stored for convenient access.

5. Instant Access to Customer History

Nothing frustrates a client more than having to repeat instructions over and over to multiple technicians. A field service management software allows everyone to immediately access a customer's history so that the same mistakes are never made twice and specific instructions are also followed. Any tips that other technicians may have for working on the equipment at this site, entry codes, etc. will also just be a click away.

6. Data Analysis

How productive are your technicians? Is your sales team selling services high enough to make a profit? Figuring this out can be overwhelming. With a field service management software, you can easily compare job-cost estimates against actual labor and equipment costs, and analyze productivity.

7. Constant Upgrades

As technology advances, so will your service software. Upgrades are automatic so that you don't ever lose any time.

8. Fully Scalable

Don't let growth stress you out. Service management software makes it easy for more technicians, administrators, and managers to be given access to the system so that a higher demand of service appointments and calls can be met in an organized fashion.

Are you ready to discover what a field service management software can do for your business?
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