7 Factors to Consider When Deciding Which Field Tech to Send on the Job

Posted by Michael Runshe

Mon, May 13, 2013

field technicianA flurry of service requests arrive for the day. Some are routine maintenance jobs while others will involve some thorough diagnostics and repair skills. As your team of service technicians start their day, what is the best way to assign the right technician for each job?

With field service optimization, you can utilize several key factors to help in assigning the right technician. These field service optimization factors include:

  1. Certifications – Does the field tech have the right licensing or certifications to properly handle the service request?

  2. Experience – Would a new technician suffice for the basic repair work, or do you need a more seasoned professional for the job?

  3. Availability – Is the best technician already on an assignment? Can the tech be pulled away if necessary?

  4. Resources and Inventory – Will you need more than one technician for the job? Are all of the tools or spare parts readily available?

  5. Location – How long will it take the service tech to get to the work site? What will be the fuel expenses to get to the job site?

  6. Priority – Is the request a high priority emergency? Can it be scheduled for a better time?

  7. Cost – What is the overall cost for the job? If a senior technician must be pulled away from another assignment to travel across town, are you losing money as a result?

With the right field service optimization software in place, many of these factors can be automatically analyzed to provide you with an intelligent service schedule. The system will look at all the factors and calculate the best technician for the job so that your business can properly service your customer’s needs while also improving profitability and efficiency. 

Your dispatchers are extremely valuable in assigning the right technician to the job. With field service optimization software, your dispatchers can become even more efficient and also have the ability to override and make key decisions based on exceptions. Consider the right field service optimization software to take your service business to a new level of performance and quality.

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