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Posted by Avigail Shabtai

Fri, Dec 14, 2012

field service optimizationOnce there was a dispatch service company,

that lacked technology you see.

They talked a lot,

used all they got,

but could not find the right utility.

Using the right tools is important for every field service industry, particularly those who provide utility services. The proper tools will enable utility service and maintenance companies to improve their technician utilization with better scheduling, higher productivity, and reduced travel expenses. Without the right tools, things could get quite funny in a dark and scary way.

Picture the Keystone cops running in circles chasing broken wiring or pipes. Or perhaps a classic Lucille Ball episode where water spouts into faces or someone has friizzy hair from an electrical shock.

It's time to look at the right utilities for your utility business!

Wireless, mobile, accurate and fast,

Much more efficient compared to times past.

Ready to serve, around the curve,

and the utility service is unsurpassed!

Consider your dispatch processes and how important they are to your overall business. Every service call must be tracked and managed accurately and reliably, and your dispatchers must be capable of addressing all types of situations without hesitation. The right software can automate many of the routine scheduling tasks that dispatchers perform, opening their time to be better spent in handling exceptions and emergencies.

Picture a dispatcher who is answering numerous phone calls and has sticky notes flying and falling everywhere around a disorganized desk. As soon as the dispatcher picks one paper up and sticks it on the schedule board, three more papers fall down. A solid automated process that can electronically monitor service calls and help to organize dispatch operations will make the business run much smoother.

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a dispatcher

Fuzzy Wuzzy had a disaster

Fuzzy Wuzzy's job wasn't very easy, was he?

Getting the message from the office to the field techs can be very difficult without modern technology. How did they do it before telephones? Perhaps the Pony Express was sent back and forth, or more likely the mail service was the way to ask requests to have a boiler fixed or to run some new electrical wires. Regardless, customers always expect the service company to arrive as quickly as possible and perform quality work that is completed and functioning well. Automation tools such as mobile communications and automated scheduling can keep your operation running smoothly.

In the end, the important part of every field service industry is customer satisfaction. Staying organized and efficient through the right management tools will improve customer satisfaction and keep your business rocking and rolling.

There once was an old lady

who lived in a shoe

she had so many utility problems, she didn't know what to do.

She called the service company, without any satisfaction,

So she posted on Facebook "I have no resolution."

There are plenty of entertaining stories in the field service industry. The utility service industry is particularly adept in having plenty of funny stories and anecdotes that are told for generations. Almost every company can tell the story about the urgent call and when the service tech arrives it's simply a device that is turned off. Or the fun with dealing with yappy dogs or animals hiding in the most unlikely places when the utility service is underway. And even the story where the door opens and the customer is standing there naked. What is your favorite funny service industry story? Post your comments below!

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