Election 2012 Results Are In: ClickSoftware Re-elected

Posted by Oren Cohen

Mon, Nov 12, 2012

Election 2012 Results Are In:  ClickSoftware Re-electedThe ballot box never lies – for the year of 2012, Gartner, Inc, has named ClickSoftware a leading choice for enterprises of any size looking for service optimization and workforce management! Our collective five centuries of experience in human years mean that users voting with their dollars will never be left in the cold. There is no question and no experience that our staff hasn't seen before. Unlike our esteemed competition, we won't just depend on empty phrases to sway you. We believe our record speaks for itself. Read on and decide for yourself.

ClickSoftware is recognized as an industry leader by those in the know!

ClickSoftware was recognized by Gartner, Inc. as a leader in the world of field service management. Considered the world's leading research and advisory company in the field of information technology, Gartner recently published it's Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management, 2012, it's annual evaluation of the field service management software market. This study is considered by many to be the major reference to use when deciding on a management solution, and ClickSoftware was recognized yet again as a leader in the field of enterprise management.

ClickSoftware focuses on innovative solutions to management problems!

At ClickSoftware, we don't just focus on routine data-management and processing. We strive to give you the best tools to help you drive your decision making process in new and innovative ways. In other words, not only do we help you handle your business data, we can also help you develop new ways to use the tools at your disposal to make your business a leader in the market. We provide a wealth of management solutions and services that all have one goal: to help your business convert more sales every day. As a market leader, we not only watch market trends – we anticipate them! Here are some examples of our innovative approaches to enterprise field service management:

  • Despite being the largest and most stable company of its kind, ClickSoftware continues to accurately forecast changes in field service, roster management, scheduling and dispatching technology, and implement those changes to the benefit of our clients.

  • As one of the first vendors to adopt the HTML5 for mobile devices, we at ClickSoftware have made full use of the development kit that comes with the platform. In addition, to offer our clients full functionality, we even launched our own proprietary ClickAppStore. This app store includes hundreds of add-ons that allow our clients unique options to customize and expand the functionality of our services. You can now pick and choose the extras that you need to make your project flow the way you like!

  • The ever growing energy, utilities and telecommunications sectors are now receiving a renewed focus from our company. These industries usually have complex workforce optimization requirements, and our company is more than up to the task of filling them, as we have some of the strongest knowledge in the industry in these sectors. Other knowledge strengths include home services, computer and office equipment and government agencies.

This election season, industries looking for a reliable and consistent field service management solution should cast their vote for ClickSoftware. More than a change you can believe in, we offer results you can measure!

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