Help your Field Service Techs to be your Best Salespeople

Posted by Erez Glinansky

Mon, Nov 05, 2012

field service optimizationYour customer service staff is your front line that is able to help prospective clients and existing customers to meet their needs while also building sales for your business. As an essential part of your company your CSR’s are often viewed as part of your sales team.

Far too frequently, your field service techs can be an overlooked sales resource. While your techs must focus on delivering the needed services to your customers, they can also be one of your best sales methods.

Field service technicians are typically not your average savvy salespeople. Most of the time techs come across as honest people who are there to help in solving a customer’s problem. This “open door” technique alone can get you additional sales with very little effort.

To help your field service techs to become great salespeople, consider the following tips:

  • Develop a field service tech sales strategy – do you want the tech to offer sales opportunities at every service call? What would be the expected sales from an average tech? It is a good approach to start small and conservative in the beginning to give your techs confidence and momentum.

  • Provide basic sales training – not all of your techs are natural salespeople. Some may struggle with the sales approach. By giving them some basic sales tools your techs can feel more comfortable in approaching customers with opportunities.

  • Leverage the face-to-face interaction – nothing builds loyalty faster than a personalized relationship with your customers, and field service techs can create loyalty simply by demonstrating their sincere desire to help the customer.

  • Let technology enable, not restrict – make sure your service techs know your website and are aware of your latest promotions and sales. It might be a good idea to allow the techs to send follow up emails to customers to make sure they are satisfied with the service and to follow up on potential new work. Also leverage technology so that your techs can be amiable and helpful onsite instead of having to call in and report to the front office regularly.

  • Give a different sales initiative each month or week – try to coordinate your marketing efforts with your field service technicians so that the techs have one or two items that can be discussed when they are at the customer’s location. This can include maintenance specials, inspection promotions or other types of campaigns.

  • If you feel comfortable you can provide a spiff to your field service techs such as a gift certificate, event tickets or other items whenever a particular sales goal is reached. This can motivate your field service techs without putting too much pressure to sell.

The field service industry needs to utilize every option to increase sales while building customer loyalty. By providing your field service techs the ability to present sales opportunities to customers, you can gain a great advantage, build customer loyalty, and increase your sales without adding more salespeople. Utilizing your field resources as part of your sales team can be a win for everyone in your company.

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