Is Your Telco's Service Department Living Up To Its Potential?

Posted by Avigail Shabtai

Mon, Oct 29, 2012

Field Service optimization

Sometimes it’s helpful to look back at business basics just to see how your business is doing. When building a business plan, one of the first things you have to do is assess your market and what your business capacity would be currently and in the future.

Every market is different – a Telco service company in Sacramento will function quite differently from one in Des Moines. But there are certain measurable factors that should apply no matter what.

For fun let’s go back to Business 101:

  • What is your current market size?

  • How many customers do you service today? This will help you to determine your market share.

  • Who are your top competitors? What is their estimated market share?

Once you have answered these questions, ask yourself if your Telco service department is living up to its potential in your market. If you feel you are exceeding expectations – great! If there are some areas for improvement, we have some ideas for you.

To get more market share while improving your service productivity and quality, consider these tips:

  • Review the number of service calls that have been completed in the last year or so. Do you expect the number of calls to stay the same, or change?

  • How many of those service calls were repairs? How many were installations? How much maintenance was performed?

  • What percentage of service orders were completed on time? How many ran into problems and took longer than expected?

  • Can you plot the completed service orders on a map? Are there particular areas where you service more than others? Should you expand your territory or should you concentrate in some areas where you are not getting as much business?

  • How many technicians do you currently have on staff? Are their skills sets compatible with the type of work they perform? Should you consider training or certifications for any of your technicians? Should you hire more or perhaps partner with a contractor?

  • Are your dispatchers frequently hurrying to put out too many fires? Is there a better way to manage incoming work orders and assigning the right field resources to the jobs?

  • Is there a particular time of day or a specific day of the week where you are busier? Should you adjust schedules or staffing to handle your peak times?

As part of your overall business review, consider each of your processes that manage your daily business. From the customer service representatives who take the initial calls and requests to dispatch, field, and billing. Every step will have an impact on how well you are able to service your customers and respond to their needs. Do not, however, look at each process as a stand-alone entity. Also consider the flow from one to the next and how easily communications are handled.

For example, if there is a delay with a field resource due to some additional issues at the work site, how is dispatch informed, and in turn how is the customer service representative able to check status if the customer calls?

The potential of your Telco is in your hands. With the right assessment of your current capacity compared to your market, you can take measurable steps to achieve your business goals.

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