A Field Tech State of Mind

Posted by Michael Runshe

Wed, Oct 24, 2012

field service optimizationYour field technician seems a little more agitated today. When you ask what the problem is, he responds with “I had to drive all the way across town to check in here at the office.

Now I have to drive all the way back across town to the job site. That’s too much time wasted where I could be completing jobs and earning money.”

He has a point.

Field service personnel are dedicated and very hard working people. They spend countless hours diagnosing and fixing problems while listening to a screaming dispatcher to finish up or the customer complains about the amount of money, or the customer service representative wants to get the latest update. The many hats that a field tech wears can definitely add to stress and frustration:

Repair technician – diagnose and repair issues at job site using their knowledge and skills to perform the highest quality of work possible

Customer service – make sure the customer is pleased with the work and patiently answer all questions that are posed, and pass along any outstanding issues to management if necessary

Cashier – confirm that billing and payment information is completed and sometimes deal with haggling or negotiations for special deals

Secretary – file all appropriate paperwork with the office including completed work orders and inventory updates plus answer the phone to give updates on the job and confirm the next appointment

Student – learn the latest updates to keep certifications current and work on ways to further enhance skills and abilities

Maintenance technician – proactively keep customer equipment functioning and tuned for the best performance while looking for areas that may need repair or replacement based on equipment wear and tear

Installation technician - provide high quality installation services that meet or exceed customer expectations. Installs can take much longer than a repair or maintenance job, so efficiency is important, all installation materials must be on hand, and there must be careful attention to detail

Then layer on top of all of these roles the personal responsibilities that the field tech may have to earn a paycheck and take care of the family. At the core of your business is the field service technician, so it is extremely important that your field resources are able to juggle all of these responsibilities while still keeping a cool head and knowing that management will have their back if there are any issues.

Today’s field service automation tools can directly impact your techs and improve their efficiency and productivity. Features such as these can make a big difference for your field techs:

Automatic job assignments based on your business criteria that will tag field techs to jobs that are close to their current location, meet their skill level, and are highest priority

Mobile updates so the field tech does not have to come into the office or phone in – they simply login and receive their assignments from their internet-enabled smart phone, tablet or laptop

Easy electronic processing to update work order status and get the next job in the queue

Field techs have a lot to do throughout their day, but with the right tools they can be highly productive and efficient while providing the quality of work that will keep your customers satisfied.

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