A Scary Story About a Field Service Job Gone Wrong

Posted by Erez Glinansky

Fri, Oct 19, 2012

A Scary Story About a Service Job Gone WrongIt seemed like an easy enough job to do. But then things went terribly wrong.

The customer service representative (CSR) received a work request call just before closing the day shift. The job location was on the other side of town, but the customer needed help right away.

If the processes that this field service company used were automated with the right decision making tools in place, perhaps things would not have been so bad. Alas, this was not the case.

The CSR put the customer on hold while looking for the dispatcher. The dispatcher was scrambling trying to wrap up the last jobs of the day. After some rather heated discussions the dispatcher decided to send one of the rookie service technicians to the job site. The CSR let the customer know that someone was on their way but it may take a while since they were not sure where the technician was at the time.

Then the horrors began.

  • The technician ran later than expected which frustrated the customer

  • The job required expertise that the technician did not have, so another tech had to be called

  • With the shift change from day to night no one knew for sure which expert tech was available to help

  • The one expert that they were able to find was at least an hour away

  • The customer was screaming. The novice technician did his very best to fix the problem, but ended up breaking a very expensive piece of equipment

  • The expert tech had to postpone a big commercial job to work on this emergency

  • The broken equipment required a special order part – so they had to wait until the next day to complete the repair

  • The commercial customer decided to call a different company since their job was postponed

  • The customer complained so much that the expensive part was replaced at no charge and the labor was done at no charge

  • Bad reviews were posted on popular sites, and the business found itself struggling to survive

A field service automation system would have helped this situation greatly. The job would have been automatically assigned based on the skills required and the nearest available technician. The customer, CSR and dispatcher would have been kept updated on all of the issues. If the right technician was sent in the first place, there is a good chance that no expensive equipment would need to be replaced – or at least you would be able to charge the customer for it.

Hopefully your business will never have to deal with the multitude of horrors in this story. But there is a good chance that you have your own horror story to share. Feel free to post your horror stories below!

Field service automation systems are designed not only to streamline operations and save on travel expenses. These systems also have the intelligence and capabilities to find available resources and resolve emergency issues quickly and efficiently with the highest degree of accuracy. When you have a system that is configured to meet your business rules and demands, you can avoid many of these horrors.

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