Want To Increase Service Revenue? Stop Wasting Time!

Posted by Adi Hod

Fri, Sep 14, 2012

Want To Increase Service Revenue? ... Stop Wasting Time!We have all seen those spreadsheets. Across the top columns are all the techs that are supposed to be available at various times of the day. Down the rows are all the jobs that need to be completed and the dates needed. At each intersection of tech and job is the assignment with notes.

While every spreadsheet may vary slightly, most of them carry the same responsibility: make sure the jobs are done when promised.

The challenges with service management-by-spreadsheet are significant:

  • Incoming jobs must be manually inserted into the spreadsheet, causing delay

  • Typically only one person can update the spreadsheet at any time, which causes delays

  • Security is limited with spreadsheets, making your critical business data highly vulnerable

  • Errors cannot always be fixed by hitting the "undo" button, which could cause loss of a work order

  • Even the most elaborate spreadsheet cannot effectively track job status, pending work, tech availability updates, priorities and statistics completely

  • Long term trends and analysis reports with a lot of data are more difficult to create using spreadsheets

The bottom line is, spreadsheets are more of a burden than a benefit. It's time to stop wasting time!

By utilizing a more contemporary field service management solution, not only will you have a better way to track and manage your daily service schedules - you will also realize improved productivity and an increase in your service revenues.

A recent analysis was performed comparing a typical spreadsheet-based service system to a popular field service management software solution. DAILY REVENUE INCREASED BY $50 A DAY PER TECH. For an organization with 25 techs, that can be as much as $325,000 additional revenue per year!

What makes a field service automation solution better than a spreadsheet? Several factors create a productivity and revenue boost including:

  • Tech availability is updated automatically when they sign in and post their status each day

  • New work orders are passed to the system automatically from the customer service representative systems

  • Job status is updated as techs complete their tasks using their mobile devices

  • Color-coded dashboards allow dispatchers to easily visualize and track jobs throughout the day

  • Dispatchers can escalate and adjust priorities easily when needed

  • Managers can review reports and trends to make business decisions

  • Elaborate algorithms are used to automatically assign technicians to jobs based on business rules along with location, availability, skill level and more

  • A robust database management system has built in auditing and backup solutions to make sure errors or issues are quickly resolved without the loss of data

  • Much safer and more secure infrastructure

  • Easy to use screens can be even simpler than a spreadsheet

It is difficult to transition from a very familiar spreadsheet to a more robust field service management solution. Businesses that have used the same spreadsheet for years (or even decades) may feel that a more elaborate solution is overkill for their needs. But the benefits far outweigh any reluctance, and traditional practices that are core-business functions can be integrated into the field service management software through business rule configurations.

Stop wasting time with spreadsheets and work toward greater productivity and revenue increases with an authentic field service management solution that can easily fit into your business and is based around your unique business rules.

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