You Know the Old saying... Timing is Everything!

Posted by Carla Venti

Mon, Aug 06, 2012

field service optimizationEveryone is obsessed with this, but none of us seem to have enough. The answer to this riddle is time. In the business world, time can directly affect your profitability. Customer demands are to deliver products or services on time and on schedule. Employees must be productive and efficient in order to keep the business running. And there are always the deadlines and timelines from regulations, forms and licenses that must be kept.

Throughout the entire business supply chain, time has a marked presence. Suppliers and manufacturers must have the raw materials in place in order to make their products. Distributors must keep a steady rotation of stock to keep their operating costs manageable. Retailers and service providers need the goods to sell and trained representatives to provide the goods and services to the public.

Services are no different when it comes to time management - as a matter of fact the pressure is arguably even more prevalent. The service industry has so many more variables to deal with, which makes managing time even more difficult.

  • There are a great deal of emergency requests that must be addressed in a very short time period. This makes predicting a "normal work day" almost impossible.

  • Field personnel are dispersed across a vast area and it can be challenging to keep track of locations and availability.

  • Most work requests involve a series of various statuses before completion. The status may include appointment scheduled, field representative arrival, inventory acquisition, job in process, and job complete. Every field service business is different so the stages or statuses will be diverse.

  • The overall process flow from customer service to dispatch to field and back can take a significant amount of time.

The time challenge for the field service industry is to have enough resources and the right systems in place to handle requests promptly and efficiently without exceeding your cost and budget. Through field service automation business can better manage time and resources, which will result is cost savings as well as more customer satisfaction.

Through field service automation you can save time through:

  1. Work requests are entered completely at the time the customer service representative receives the call from the customer.

  2. Dispatch receives the work orders electronically and the system can automatically assign the order to available field resources based on availability, priority, and skill requirements

  3. Location of field resources are tracked when the personnel report in using their smart phone, tablet, or laptop computer. This saves a great deal of time by allowing the field resource to be instantly routed to their first assignment based on their location and skills.

  4. If emergencies arise, dispatch can reassign and reallocate resources as needed, and then monitor all jobs through a dashboard screen to make sure all tasks are meeting their schedules.

Every moment counts in the field service industry. By saving time, your business can realize improved cost management as well as better customer satisfaction ratings.

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