Transforming Expectations into Results

Posted by Carla Venti

Mon, Jul 23, 2012

enterprise mobilityMeeting customer expectations can be a challenge. Some customers are not always forthcoming with what they expect from a service call. But for those persons who have been in the field service industry for any length of time, there are some fairly standard customer expectations that apply to almost every work request:

  • Clearly understand the reason for the service call.

  • Promptly schedule a convenient time for the service.

  • Assign a field resource who is capable of handling the request.

  • Arrive on time.

  • Provide a reasonably accurate estimate of the work.

  • Have repair parts and maintenance items readily available.

  • Complete the work in an efficient and professional manner.

  • Document and provide the ability to pay immediately.

While these expectations vary slightly, they are generally very good guidelines to use for virtually every service call.

It is worth it to note that customers are not the only ones who have expectations, however. Your field service business as a whole should have expectations that are clearly outlined in your strategic plan and communicated routinely to all of your staff. Every field service business is unique and conducts business with different approaches. Therefore your business expectations could vary greatly from another field service company.

Here are just a few field service business expectations that are used depending on the industry, business and culture:

  • Maintain a professional image that represents the company in a positive way.

  • Conduct business honestly and fairly.

  • Keep promises – arrive on time, finish the work as promised, etc.

  • Be as efficient as possible.

  • Utilize resources to save money and time, do not be wasteful.

  • Produce high quality work.

  • Help each other to finish work that is falling behind.

  • Report your status on a regular basis and advise when you are available.

  • Complete all paperwork and billing as soon as the job is complete.

  • Under-promise and over-deliver.

  • Keep an accurate record of work and parts used.

While the expectations between the customer and the business may appear different, for the most part they are very similar. Accuracy, quality, professionalism and keeping promises are consistent for both.

Meeting and exceeding those expectations can be achieved much easier through field service automation solutions. Tracking and reporting your availability is automated, scheduling and dispatch is simplified, service requests are entered more efficiently and travel costs are minimized by using the nearest available qualified resources.

With an automated field service system solution, your field personnel present a more professional image while also providing much more accurate inventory checks and timely billing information. The interaction between dispatch and field personnel becomes much easier as well when using a field service automation solution that allows the use of mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and laptops.

There is a real benefit to meeting and exceeding expectations. From the customer perspective, you will gain a loyal customer and someone who will refer others to your business. From the business perspective, you will be more efficient, accurate, and save time as well as money.

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