Execute Your Plan to Achieve Service Excellence

Posted by Adi Hod

Fri, Jul 20, 2012

Execute your plan to achieve service excellence

Do you have a plan? Does your plan include the steps to achieve service excellence? Most businesses have a plan of some sort that includes the business purpose, goals and how the business will work to achieve them. It is a good practice to review that plan each year, and carefully look at what it takes to achieve service excellence.

As a jump start, here are some thoughts on incorporating a service excellence plan into your business:

Define “excellence” – every business is unique, so your definition of service excellence could mean something different from another company. Is excellence a superior level of quality? Is it on time job starts/completions? Does it mean great customer satisfaction ratings? Is it a combination of several factors? Carefully consider what you would define excellence to be for your company.

Quantify – can you easily measure excellence? Are you able to track the number of customer service requests and their status? Can you measure how many jobs are completed for a given day or week? How many jobs have call-backs or complaints? It is best to measure FIRST to determine where you are now. Review the jobs from the last 30 days and establish some baseline measurements.

Set goals – Once you know where you stand with certain aspects of your business, you can now set incremental goals that will work towards service excellence. You may want to decrease call-backs, or you may want to improve arrival times for jobs. Also consider internal processes such as the time it takes for dispatch to assign work requests, or the work involved with billing.

Measure – establish a system that will track and measure your goals on a daily basis. It is best to have an automated system in place that will do most of the calculations and work for you. Then you simply need to review the daily reports and analyze your improvement opportunities.

Post – Be sure to share your measurements with everyone in the company. Everyone should be aware of what your service excellence goals are, and work with you to achieve those incremental steps. This can simply be an email, or you can print and post the daily reports for all to see.

Celebrate – be sure to celebrate your incremental achievements, and remind everyone of the importance of service excellence for your business.

Once you have an automated system in place and begin tracking your progress, you will realize significant improvements in a short period of time.

“That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.” - Karl Pearson

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