Top 5 Benefits of Field Service Automation

Posted by Steve Lawrence

Wed, Jul 18, 2012

field service optimization

In the midst of all of the hype about automation and technology, are there any REAL benefits of field service automation?

Actually there are tangible and measurable benefits for small operations as well as large service companies. To determine the best benefits, consider the added value that the system would bring to your customers, the improved productivity, accuracy, and any cost reductions.

Here are the top five benefits that you can realize from implementing a field service automation solution:

Customer satisfaction – with instantaneous access to schedules and resource availability, you can manage appointments and exceed customer expectations. Satisfied customers become loyal customers that will recommend your business to others.

Automated scheduling – through an automated scheduling system work requests are assigned based on their priority, skills required, resource availability, travel costs and location. Automating the scheduling processes will give dispatchers more time to handle exceptions and emergencies while also making sure expenses are carefully managed.

Quality and accuracy – work requests are entered once by your customer service representative, which eliminates redundant work while reducing errors. The correct customer information, work order information, and appointment is utilized throughout the entire system so that everyone understands and there is no miscommunication or missed appointments.

Speed – travel time to jobs are reduced because assignments can be made no matter where the resource is located. There is no need to come to the office or call to report in. The resource can access jobs and schedules via any smart phone, tablet or laptop with an internet connection. The main office realizes improved speed and productivity through seamless integration to the customer service systems and the back office billing and accounting systems as well.

Cost – there are very attractive systems available that allow a business to purchase their own server and host themselves or leverage cloud technology and eliminate the expense and maintenance of hardware. Measure all of the benefits of field service automation such as number of jobs completed per day, reduced travel expenses, better customer satisfaction ratings and higher quality. Compare to the expenses over 2 to 3 years including up-front costs and monthly maintenance. After the comparison, the total cost of ownership (TCO) is very reasonable and the return on investment is obvious.

Once you get beyond all of the marketing hype and flashy advertisements, there are valid reasons to consider field service automation for your business. Whether you operate a one-man-show or have a fleet of service vehicles, field service automation can benefit your company.

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