Green Workforce Management

Posted by David Alazraki

Mon, Jul 16, 2012

green workforce management“Going Green” is not just a trendy term anymore. For businesses, going green can actually mean saving money while also helping the environment. When you take a look at your business, consider all the areas where becoming environmentally friendly can also mean a significant cost savings:

  • Customer service representatives can use a lot of paper forms – often in duplicate or triplicate – to record requests. How much does it cost to print or purchase those forms?

  • Dispatch may use color-coded notepads, chalkboards, dry erase boards, markers and sticky notes to keep track of schedules. What are the costs to use all of those supplies?

  • Field service resources may burn gas and travel time to come into the office and report for work, or spend time with the vehicle at idle waiting to talk to the office on the phone. How much gas is spent? How much time is lost?

  • Pens, staples, paper, ink for printers and more can add up over time. When you add in the cost of gas, you can see where going green may not be such a bad idea after all. Also there are certain Federal and State initiatives in place that may provide other incentives for companies who implement “green” programs.

The environment suffers when trees are cut down for paper, oil is extracted for gasoline, and all types of chemicals are used to make plastics and other materials for office supplies. Even if you are not concerned about saving money, it might be worth it to consider the environment.

No matter what your reasons for going green, utilizing technology is a good solution. Smart phones, tablets and laptops are definitely “green machines” when you consider their life span and the relatively small amount of energy that they use. Computer systems practically eliminate the need for paper at virtually every point in the process while also improving productivity. And with cloud service options, you can even reduce the amount of power needed to run your servers.

Finally, gas and travel time can both be saved with field service automation solutions that record the resource’s location and status, plus route the resource to the nearest available job. By optimizing travel time you are saving the environment and saving your company budget.

Green workforce management is a bonus for any company that is interested in being more environmentally conscious or simply wanting to save some money. With incremental improvements your business can realize the benefits of going green.

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