Top 10 Myths About Service Work Order Software

Posted by Adi Hod

Wed, Jul 11, 2012

field service optimizationService work order software, like any other application software, can seem much more difficult than it really is.

Several myths surround service work order software that should be dispelled once and for all:

These Top 10 Myths Include:

  1. It will change our process - actually the right work order software will use your existing business rules and processes, and give those processes a boost.

  2. It adds more steps - field service management and work order software should streamline steps and help your business to save time while increasing productivity.

  3. It slows down dispatch - one of the most crucial parts of the service work order process is dispatch. Any software that slows this integral step down is not useful. Instead, your software solution should improve your dispatch operations by allowing automated decisions based on resources, job priority, customer and location. The software should also allow dispatchers and managers to override and make emergency adjustments when needed.

  4. Can't connect to other systems - your field service software should have easy integration to your customer service systems as well as your back office and inventory systems.

  5. It's too complicated - work order systems should be easy to use and should almost intuitively flow into your normal operations and procedures.

  6. We will have to buy new hardware - the better software solutions should offer cloud services as well as customer hosting alternatives. With cloud service, you do not need to invest in servers at your business. Instead you will connect to a set of servers hosted by your provider, eliminating the need to buy any additional hosting equipment.

  7. It's too expensive - it is important that the work order software bring real value to the business. If the software seems like too much of a bargain, it may not benefit you as much. Instead, review the total cost of ownership (TCO) for your solution, including ongoing maintenance, productivity improvements, business cost savings and upgrade costs.

  8. Field resources will be restricted and limited - your field personnel must have the ability to easily communicate with dispatch and also record job activity electronically using almost any mobile device including smart phone, tablet, or laptop computer. Best in class work order management software will allow this level of flexibility to improve your field resource responsiveness and productivity.

  9. No tracking or reporting capabilities - some software solutions require you to create your own reports using other tools or resources that may add to the overall cost. The best field service software solutions have reporting and analysis tools built in for easy review.

  10. Not enough ROI - the return on investment (ROI) of your software solution must meet or exceed your business expectations. Consider improvements to the level of accuracy on work orders, better customer service and satisfaction, increase on completed tasks, and the flexibility and scalability to expand your business.

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