Improving Operational Efficiency is Easier Than you Think!

Posted by Steve Lawrence

Mon, Jul 09, 2012

Improving operational efficiency ...easier than you think!Efficiency is defined as the ability to accomplish a task with a minimum amount of time and effort while maintaining quality. In field service operations, efficiency is the primary way to improve profits, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Measuring efficiency is a little more complicated with field service operations. But once you have the measurement tools in place, getting your business to peak performance is easier than you may think!

Consider these areas to measure your field service operational efficiency:

  • How long does it take to enter a customer request into your dispatch system? Measure the steps involved from the time your customer service representative receives the call until the dispatcher is made aware. Are there ways to get the information to dispatch faster or more accurately?

  • What steps must dispatch perform in order to assign and schedule the work order? By documenting each step you can better understand opportunities to improve the dispatch operations. By eliminating routine assignments and steps, your dispatchers will be much more efficient.

  • How do your field personnel report or check in? Do they need to call in each morning or throughout the day? Should they report to the main office first before being assigned a work order? Consider the amount of time lost with your check in and status report processes.

  • What steps are used for field personnel to update work orders or check inventory? Communication is key between field service operations and the main office. The assignments must be updated when the resources arrive on the job site, need materials from inventory, and record when the job is finished.

  • When a work order is completed, what are the billing and payment process steps? Are your field resources able to process the work order and record payments?

  • As part of the end of day process, are pending work orders evaluated? Does your process include a review of pending work orders to determine if they need to be rescheduled or reassigned for the next business day or a future date?

  • Do contracted resources cause additional steps? If you bring in contractors to assist in completing some work assignments, how difficult is it to put those contractors into your normal business flow?

  • What reports do managers and owners need on a regular basis? Are the leaders of the business reviewing completed assignments and key performance indicators (KPI's) for the company?

In all of these cases, the right type of optimization software can help you to easily improve operational efficiency without a significant amount of time or effort. Through simple configuration settings based around your business rules you can track your efficiency and then determine changes to make your business even better.

Field service operations need every opportunity to reduce costs while improving quality and customer satisfaction. With the right software in place, your business can benefit and prosper.

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