Cutting Edge Field Service Solutions

Posted by Carla Venti

Fri, Jul 06, 2012

field service optimizationThe field service industry has been around for over half a century. Plumbing and sewer maintenance businesses were among the first to be commercialized. Then there were electrical, phone, cable, and appliance repairs. Contractors of all types have been available to help homeowners as well as local businesses get back on track or to complete their construction projects.

Long ago there were even ice or milk delivery services. While many of these field service businesses have fallen away, still more startups are launched each year. These can include home theater and entertainment companies, copier and office equipment services, industrial equipment maintenance, and many more.

To stay competitive in the ever-changing field service industry, it is important to stay on top of the systems that are used to keep your business running. Just as the local ice delivery company was once useful, there could be some processes that you use today that may need a better solution.

Cutting edge field service solutions do not have to be ultra-expensive or too complicated. There are solutions available that simplify your processes while giving your business a real advantage.

Some of the best cutting edge field service solutions include:

Customer-centric programming – from the moment a customer contacts your business, the systems and software should recognize the customer and track to make sure the requests are executed correctly and as quickly as possible for better satisfaction levels. This includes prompt information and scheduling, accurate field resource assignments, and correct electronic billing.

Optimized dispatch operations – through the use of sophisticated algorithms based on configured business rules, best in class dispatch systems should be able to automatically assign field resources based on their availability, skill level, location, and other criteria.

Scalability – as your field service business grows, you need a system that can scale with you. If you bring in additional contract resources to help with a big project, your field service solution should allow you to add those resources and manage them like any other. Then once the job is completed, the system should allow you to scale back or change to new resources if needed.

Portability – the latest in cutting edge field service solutions should be fully mobile and allow access from virtually any wireless device including smart phones, laptops, and tablets. Having a system that is hardware-agnostic makes it very easy for you to change your hardware without worrying about your software not working.

The field service industry will continue to change in the future, just as it has in the past. Is your business ready with the right cutting edge field service solutions to keep pace with change?

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