Field Service Optimization for Midmarket Solutions

Posted by David Alazraki

Tue, Jun 26, 2012

Field Service Optimization for Midmarket SolutionsFor the field service industry, mid-sized businesses face unique challenges:

  • Do we expand our territory that we serve?

  • Do we add more vehicles and resources to manage growth?

  • How can we continue to grow while using our existing systems?

  • What is the best way to manage costs as we grow?

  • How easy will it be to scale to the needs of our customers without compromising our service quality?

Mid-size field service businesses have the benefit of established growth, and have overcome many of the learning challenges from smaller startup businesses. But with the growth comes a whole new set of obstacles and decisions for the business owners and managers.

One of the bigger and potentially more costly decisions is whether to upgrade or change your current systems and processes in order to accommodate your growing business volume. The phones are ringing off the hook with requests – which is a good problem to have – but what can you do to make sure those requests are handled efficiently, satisfactorily, and profitably?

Consider the following areas when determining how to optimize your field service operations:

What is your current capacity? How many service calls do you currently receive on average, and what is the maximum number of calls that you have received in a given day? Do you anticipate the number of calls to increase? If so, how much? Will that push your team to a breaking point?

Does your customer service system interface with your dispatch software? If you are currently using manual processes or do not have an interface, you could be losing precious time within the first few moments of receiving a service call or request.

Can your field service personnel electronically record their status and availability? By having an electronic method of reporting in, your dispatch operation can run much more efficiently instead of taking numerous calls from field resources and keypunching updates.

What are your key performance indicators (KPI’s)? Keeping track of jobs completed and pending jobs is important of course, but there are many other metrics that should be tracked as part of your operation. KPI’s such as jobs completed on time, quality levels, travel costs, and service technician efficiency are just some of the KPI’s to consider.

Midmarket businesses deserve the opportunity that they have earned from building a growing company. With the right optimization solutions in place, a mid-size business can more easily manage growth and expand their operations without the concern of losing quality or customer satisfaction.

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