Champion Field Service Optimization in your Company

Posted by Carla Venti

Fri, Jun 15, 2012

enterprise mobilityIn any organization, changes can be viewed positively or negatively. It is human nature in many cases to be skeptical of change and to resist any alteration of the status quo. This holds true for field service organizations as well. Even though new technology and improved optimization is shown to reduce costs and enhance productivity, those who are told to use the new systems may not be as accepting of their value.

A project champion is a person who understands how important it is for all personnel to accept and adapt to new solutions and works to help ease the transition. In a field service organization, a champion can help everyone to understand the change and help them to utilize the new software and systems more efficiently.

As a champion of a field service optimization solution, you should be prepared to address questions and concerns such as:

  • Which managers are most willing to work with the new system, and which managers will be most resistant? The owners and managers must be there to support the new systems and advocate helping you in your goals.

  • What specific issues will be the most contentious? Will your dispatchers need additional training and support during the implementation, or will your field resources need the most guidance?

  • What are the top three most valuable points for the project? The champion should have ready the greatest enhancements and improvements that the company will realize from the new optimization solution. This could include the time savings, the easy routing from one job to another, the automated communications and billing, or other improvements that the company notes as being very important to the business.

  • Clearly understand the goals of the implementation. The ability to quantify and report on how the new solution is saving money and time is key for upper management to continue support and also for everyone to understand the real value of the change.

Your field service optimization solution should show real value from the very beginning. The Euclides Technologies Field Service Mobile Application can present enhanced productivity as well as cost savings. The professionals at Euclides Tech can work with your project champion to make sure everyone in the business realizes the importance of the change and is comfortable in working with the new solution.

Dispatchers, customer service representatives, managers and field service resources should all understand how this new product will help them in their daily work and view change in a positive light. Euclides Tech will help your organization through the change and make sure your business realizes true benefits from your new solution.

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