Optimized Scheduling Reduces Backlog

Posted by Adi Hod

Wed, Jun 13, 2012

Optimized scheduling reduces backlogSome managers may think that backlog is a good indicator that there is plenty of work in the queue. It may be true that knowing there is work coming up in your schedule is always good, backlogs are also a hidden problem that can bleed your business from sales and profits.

A field service operation must pay close attention to their backlog. When out of control the backlog can:

  • Erode customer satisfaction

  • Cause cancellations

  • Increase haggling and complaints from customers

  • Cause undo stress on field service representatives

  • Reduce profits

  • Loss of salesA field service business must strike a healthy balance between a manageable backlog and a backlog that will cause more harm than good. The Euclides Tech Field Service Mobile Application can help you to manage your backlog and keep it under control.

    From the moment that the work order is entered by your customer service representative, the Euclides Tech system uses your business rules combined with sophisticated algorithms to properly manage the work request. As work requests build, the system again uses your business rules to prioritize and assign requests automatically. This reduces human error while improving organization and insight to work that is currently being performed and work that is in queue.

    Not every work order will run perfectly or smoothly - it's the nature of the field service industry to have emergencies and changes in plans. Dispatchers have the ability to override and re-route work depending on the situation so that when an emergency crops up it is quickly addressed without a significant amount of disruption.

    The automatic assignment features in the Euclides Tech solution allocate work based on availability, skill level, costs and work priority.  The system will provide an optimized schedule to achieve 100% utilization of your field resources during normal business hours, working hard to avoid use of over-time. The optimization and utilitization of resources is what drives down your backlog. Further, by applying street level routing between jobs and knowing the exact location of the field resource through GPS tracking, the Euclides Tech system can make the best use of travel time and maximize the work completed each day.

    Dispatchers can review work being performed and any backlog through an easy to use graphical dashboard. If a backlog becomes too large, resources can be reassigned or additional contractors and third parties can be brought in before the backlog is out of control. The tracking and reporting features within the Euclides Tech system will help you to manage the contractor time to make sure your profit goals stay on track.

    Having upcoming work is a positive thing - particularly for the field service industry. But when upcoming work becomes a large backlog, the good news can turn bad very quickly. By keeping your backlog manageable through an automated scheduling and field service management system, you can always think of a backlog in a positive way.

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