Field Service Gone Wireless

Posted by Steve Lawrence

Mon, Jun 11, 2012

field service managementHave you ever felt like your business operations have gone wild? Work orders are lost, phones are ringing like crazy, dispatchers are scrambling to put out the largest fire, and you are wondering how to make a profit from all of this confusion.

Instead of your operations going wild, perhaps you should consider going wireless!

The Euclides Technologies Field Service Mobile Application is an ideal way for you to get a handle on your operations using wireless technology. While organizing your work you will also realize several added benefits such as improved reporting and even greater customer satisfaction.

Going wireless with the Euclides Tech solution gives you these improved process features:

  • Easily configurable so that your existing business rules and process steps are loaded into the system

  • Customer service reps can enter work order requests using your existing system or using the Euclides Tech work order component

  • Work orders are entered ONE TIME without the need for multiple paper copies or duplicate data entry

  • Work orders are automatically logged and prioritized based on the level of urgency

  • Dispatchers have the ability to adjust work order priorities or make changes on an exception basis depending on the situation - for example a simple wire short could turn into a power outage that needs immediate attention

  • Real time dashboards give dispatchers and managers easy at-a-glance visibility on what jobs are being worked, who is assigned, and whether the work is going as scheduled. Easy color coding indicates where jobs are falling behind or have issues to address

  • Field resources use the Euclides Tech application using their smart phone, tablet computer or other mobile device. They can log in and the system automatically reports the resource location and provides the next assignment.

  • Updates on work being performed are easily done online by the field resource while also having the ability to check inventory and communicate status reports through the wireless application

  • Contractors or other external resources can be brought in to jobs and also use the Euclides Tech system to provide reports and track time

  • Managers can have numerous types of reports showing the activities for the day, travel times, and amount of work completed

  • Customers will be impressed with the well organized work force and also with the highly accurate billing and superior customer service capabilities

The Euclides Tech system provides all of the benefits of wireless technology for field service operations. Organizing your operations will save you time and money while also reducing costs and improving your customer satisfaction levels. Before your operation goes wild, consider going wireless.

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