Advantages of a Service Scheduling Policy

Posted by David Alazraki

Sat, Jun 09, 2012

enterprise mobilityTime management has taught us that scheduling will help our personal lives as well as our business in many ways. You can allocate the right amount of time to a given task, plan ahead and properly prepare, plus set reminders for follow up or routine maintenance tasks. If we set reminders to change our air conditioning filters we are much more likely to keep a well maintained HVAC system with fewer failures.

For field service repair companies, a service scheduling policy is an ideal approach in many different ways:

Build customer loyalty – through a service scheduling policy you can make sure your customers are taken care of with routine maintenance and system checks. This decreases the likelihood of failures, which improves customer satisfaction.

Organize your resources – your field personnel can plan their week ahead of time by knowing what areas they will need to travel in order to perform scheduled services.

Plan for emergencies – by allocating just enough buffer your business can quickly re-route field resources to address emergencies, and then resume the scheduled services afterwards.

Know when to get help – with the right service scheduling software, dispatchers and managers can know ahead of time when a particular day or week will be most busy. With this knowledge you can find contractors or other resources to bring in and assist with the volume of work.

Properly prioritize – the more urgent scheduled services can be ranked in priority so that they are addressed quickly, while more routine or lower priority items can be shuffled when necessary.

Save money – preparation and organization always pays off through maintaining a steady flow of business, keeping employees productive, and raising customer satisfaction levels.

The Euclides Technologies Field Service Mobile Application solution has built in service scheduling software that makes the work of setting up and maintaining your business schedule much easier. The color-coded dashboard gives managers and dispatchers a very easy means to judge the workload for the day and make business decisions. Schedules can be changed and resources changed depending on emergencies, exceptions or unplanned events. Reminders are available for routine services so that months from now you will not forget to follow up with that very important customer.

Your business needs service scheduling to stay ahead. With the Euclides Tech solution you can be assured that service scheduling will be easy to implement and even easier to maintain. Your business will realize better productivity and cost savings through a robust service scheduling solution from Euclides Tech.

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