Benefits of Street Level Routing for Your Field Service Organization

Posted by Carla Venti

Sat, Jun 09, 2012

field service mobilityKnowing where your company's field service personnel are located is a great value-added feature for any business that has resources dispersed in various areas and territories. Some companies, however, are satisfied with only knowing that their field resources are available without knowing their exact location. While knowing if a resource is available is good, there are real benefits to knowing the street level location information along with the ability to route resources when necessary.

Field service companies depend on time, resources, skills, and efficiency to be profitable. If any of these areas are lacking, the company is more than likely spending extra money that could be saved otherwise. The Euclides Technologies Field Service Mobile Application system takes full advantage of street level routing to help in saving time, leveraging resources and skills and improving efficiency for your operation.

Benefits of street level routing in the Euclides Tech system include:

  • Real time location updates of field resources for dispatchers and managers - This knowledge allows dispatchers to notify customers of estimated time of arrival within minutes instead of hours and also advises of any potential delays.

  • Routing capabilities to find the fastest means of arriving at the work site - This also can allow dispatchers to make detour decisions for resources if there are traffic or construction issues that could cause problems.

  • At-a-glance information on resource availability – dispatchers and managers can see quickly what resources are on lunch break or otherwise unavailable and which resources are ready to take on a new assignment.

  • Easy diversion or redirection of resources – if needed, dispatchers can re-direct additional field service personnel to a work site based on their location and travel time.

Knowing that your field service resources are available is good. But knowing exactly where your resources are located at the street level is even better and gives your company an advantage through time savings, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. The Euclides Tech system can bring your business this level of service optimization with the integrated GPS that is built into the mobile field service management software. When you add the ability to easily communicate and send or receive updates to field resources along with street level routing capabilities, your business will realize added benefits that contribute to lowering your operating expenses while improving your customer service levels.

Contact the professionals at Euclides Tech for more information about their field service mobile application and how it can benefit your business at the street level.


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